Sunday Nov 19
#Zerocalypse Tour Update w/ Fayuca

Two of the leading reggae-rock-punk-ska bands from the Grand Canyon state of Arizona, Authority Zero and Fayuca, have been tearing through the country for the past month on the #Zerocalypse Tour. After a brief stop back for a hometown show, the duo are currently invading California to closeout the tour in style!

After touring extensively through Florida and the American Southwest, Fayuca’s lead singer and guitarist, Gabriel Solorzano gave The Pier an update thus far from the road, stating: “We have known the guys in Authority Zero for so long, it almost feels right to be on the road with them again. The drives have been long and there have been plenty of long nights after shows drinking with Authority Zero. It has been pretty wild. For some of the shows, the drives have been so long that day or the night before that our bodies couldn’t handle the beating anymore, but as soon as we pulled up to the venue, soundchecked and got ready for the show, it was almost like we had a second wind of energy.”

Driving twenty-hours through the night from Austin, TX to Jacksonville, Florida will ultimately take a toll on anyone’s body. For touring musicians, there is one thing that keeps them going: a hometown show! Nearing the midway point on tour, Fayuca opted to immediately drive back to Phoenix, Arizona following their show in Albuquerque for a number of reasons. Gaberiel stated, “As exhausted and drained as we were, we knew the feeling of being home would give us that extra boost we needed. I got to sleep in my own bed, have a nice home cooked meal, run with my dog… you know, all those things you normally would do back at home. And, the show in Phoenix was amazing. Whenever we play at home, no matter where in Arizona, fans, all the way from the early days to new fans from that night, come up to us and ask for autographs and ask for CDs. Those moments really make you realize what you are doing out on the road truly means a lot to people all over. Not just Arizona, but the fans we made in Florida over the years and back in Texas, too.”

A hometown show is one thing, but playing in front of a new crowd, at an infamous venue is a whole different ball game. Santa Cruz, California’s The Catalyst is that venue for Fayuca. Gabe explained, “Santa Cruz has been one spot that we have received so many requests to play over the years, and for one reason or another, we have never played there. It has always been a dream for me to play at The Catalyst, because so many others have performed on that stage. Without a doubt, it will be one of the highlights of the entire tour for us.”

The shows on tour have been rowdy with the punk-rock atmosphere present with headliners, Authority Zero, but Fayuca brings a spicy taste of reggae mixed with Latin Cumbia undertones. While on tour, Fayuca has been running through their musical catalogue that spans nearly ten years, as well as performing new songs for the very first time live. Later in the spring of 2013, Fayuca will be releasing a brand new album, which will feature a full-length album with English lyrics and the songs re-written and recorded in Spanish for their large multicultural fan base.

For more information regarding Fayuca’s new music, upcoming tour dates and details, follow the links below for all your music needs.

Upcoming Tour Dates
Dec 06 @ Brixton. Redondo Beach, CA **
Dec 07 @ The Date Shed. Indio, CA **
Dec 08 @ Cheyenne Saloon. Las Vegas, NV **
Jan 20 @ Martini Ranch. Scottsdale, AZ

** With Authority Zero

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Article By: Kris Siuta
Photo By: IrieAZ Photo

Watch: Fayuca – “Dirty Girl” Acoustic from the SSV Vape Lab in Colorado Springs, CO

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