Saturday Feb 24
Video: Tribal Seeds – Libertad (Zumba Choreo)

One way to lose 120lbs is to move and dance your ass off and it helps if you’re dancing to some great music. This was the case with Jennifer Shelby who now runs Zumba Fitness, a fitness class based out of North San Diego County. As you can see in the video below, one of their favorite songs to Zumba to is “Libertad” by Tribal Seeds. The video was shot by Hugo Meza of FilmInk at Champion Eyes Martial Arts Studio. “I started Zumba in 2010,” says Shelby. “I took classes for about 8 months and then I got my license to teach. The best part about my job is watching the transformation of someone’s body and spirit. It’s a beautiful thing when someone learns their worth and learns to love themselves.” When The Pier heard about this Zumba class, we requested a video of them dancing to some reggae music and what we got was a pretty cool production with Tribal Seeds on the cut. We hope this inspires others to use Reggae-Rock music to shed some pounds. Enjoy the song and video…

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