Wednesday Feb 21
Video: Toko Tasi – Rockstar (Remix) ft. Ethan Tucker

Shot and directed by Michael Artega, here is the official music video for Toko Tasi‘s “Rockstar” (Remix)” ft. Ethan Tucker. The video pays tribute to the Sublime family and Long Beach community with additional footage shot in Ethan Tucker’s hometown of Olympia, WA. The video shows Tasi skating at the lighthouse which was at the same location where he was filmed skating in Sublime’s “What I Got” music video. Lots of shots were filmed in and around Long Beach that included local hang-outs of the late Bradley Nowell. Also included in the video is Miguel Happoldt, Ras-1 & Opie Ortiz of Long Beach Dub Allstars, Moi of Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, Mic Dangerously of Zen Robbi, in addition to DJ Cutty Mcfly, and professional skateboarders Aaron Johnson (Ajax) & Julie Kindstrand. Read more about this release by clicking HERE! Enjoy the song and video…

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