Wednesday Jan 17
Video: Tim Armstrong (Rancid) – “Ooh La La”

Watch Rancid‘s singer and guitarist, Tim Armstrong in his official music video for the song, “Ooh La La”. The song is from the punk rock legend’s solo project, Tim Timebomb and Friends. The “Friends” part of the name features current Blink-182 and former Aquabats hard-hitting drummer, Travis Barker on the beats, as well as former bassist for The Aggrolites, J Bonner and Kevin Bivona (Jimmy Cliff/Sublime with Rome/Yelawolf/Paul Wall) on keys. In this particular video, Tim Armstrong stated, “You can see the church where my parents were married in 1958. This song is dedicated to my dad, Don Armstrong 1931-2012″. The song is actually a cover of Faces’ song of the same name, “Ooh La La”. ENJOY!

4 Responses to Video: Tim Armstrong (Rancid) – “Ooh La La”

  1. Wes says:

    Love this!

  2. Josh from the Bay says:

    Berkeley, CA! hometown hero right here!

  3. Dub Diezel says:

    Sic Sic SIIIIIIC!!!!!!! Tim Armstrong most defiantly one of my biggest influences and favorite musicians of all time and a musician I’ve always looked up to. When people were always blearing out albums like Green Day’s Dookie record back in the 90’s (which I like Green Day don’t get me wrong), I instead was always blasting Rancid’s album “…And Out Come The Wolves”. Two records that were released around the same time. I remember turning people on to Rancid who were just listening to pop-punk pioneers Green Day at that particular time. I of course then would have to turn them onto earlier albums before like the “Self-Titled” (Rancid) and “Let’s Go” albums. Lockwood’s ;) musical style and taste is almost exact to mine in many ways. Being one super huge fan of The Clash, nobody in the game could make that band more proud I’m sure than to call Tim Armstrong their biggest fan, next to me of course haha. I’ll hear something from Tim’s solo work and say damn… he thought of that before me, or man I wish I would have thought of that haha.

    Operation Ivy, Rancid, even Downfall and Transplants, (Downfall was very short-lived) the styles you obviously can hear with some relation to the many musical influences bands had on Tim and some of his band-mates, but where he mastered his craft, is nobody sounds like him vocally and even with some guitar and even keyboard work has always been able in the end to make the music sound his own. He created Hellcat and was even blessed to have one of Joe Strummer’s other projects on the label. How freaking cool is that! I still have Tim’s last solo record in cd rotation, and tracks he did with Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall artists on the “Give Em the Boot” series. Am super stoked for this new record! Killn it!

  4. Lisa says:

    Let us rejoice!!! Awesome job guys!!! Will be spreading the word on this one and can’t wait to hear more and most importantly…. A concert!!! 90’s music was the best so show these kids whats up!!!

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