Wednesday Feb 21
Video: The Interrupters – “By My Side”

Here is the new music video for The Interrupters with the song “By My Side.” The song is from the June 24th, 2016 release of their latest 14-track record, Say It Loud, released via Hellcat Records. The Pier was able to catch The Interrupters LIVE over the weekend at the Vans Warped Tour in Mountain View, CA where after the third song the guitarist commented to the audience that lead singer Aimee Interrupter was currently battling pneumonia but that wasn’t going to stop her from giving a rocking performance. The audience wouldn’t have known had he not made that comment because she had as much energy as ever, getting audience participation on song choruses and her voice was flawless. Very fun and energetic show. The show must go on. Pick up their latest album on iTunes by clicking HERE! Enjoy the song and video…

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  1. Dub Diezel says:

    Haha and see another reason I luv the Pier.Org, they don’t miss a thing. I luv how they are giving exposure to this band The Interrupters. Pretty dope Ska/Punk band with a Chick singer as you’ll see from this video that they did a great job with. Hellcat Records all day my friends. Operation Ivy what?! Haha hell yea. Back In the day it was SKUNK Records and especially Hellcat with exposing us all to a lot of the Punk Rocker groups who are influenced like me by The Clash and The Specials. I don’t have to say anything about SKUNK though to most every single Pier.Org reader because….Duh…SKUNK gave us Bradley and crew of SUBLIME. The REAL Sublime (no offense to Rome who has done a kick ass job) Anyways Shout out to Tim and crew from Hellcat, their label band The Interrupters, keep rockn the ska punk attitude like you all are doing in this song and video and we the masses we’ll come back for more. And as always shout out forever to the entire PIER.ORG Family, Crew and Fans. Late! \m/

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