Sunday Feb 25
Video: The Hip Abduction – Higher

The Hip Abduction has released a new music video for the song “Higher” from the March 11th release of their sophomore record, Gold Under The Glow. The video follows a woman from the inter-city living, presumably taking the subway to work, while escaping to a an island paradise of serenity. The video captures some beautiful landscapes and “[There were] no phones, no showers, no air conditioners, no grocery stores, no way to escape the gnarly seas that rocked us in the middle of night,” recalls frontman David New about the filming of “Higher”. “We stayed on an old school 39 foot monohull for 10 days and explored the surrounding islands. At one point, we went 4 days without seeing another soul. It felt so good to get some down time and reconnect with what matters most in this life… friends and family. Getting off the grid and living off the land again felt absolutely refreshing, and in a way, a bit surreal. I’d dreamed of this place, but had never actually been before.” You can pick up their new album on iTunes by clicking HERE! Enjoy the song and video…

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