Saturday Feb 24
Video: Sword Beach – Vacation Forever

When the Dirty Heads aren’t making noise in the studio or on the road, vocalist Jared Watson is also occupied writing hip-hop music with his new project titled, Sword Beach. It is not Jared Watson’s side-project. It would better be described as his solo-project. From what Dirty Heads & Sword Beach’s manager Cheez told us back in January, the music is trap, hip hop with giant choruses, saying, and I quote: “Could be something that eclipses everything.” Featuring Prodigy of Mobb Depp & Know-Madik, here is the first impression of Jared’s new hip-hop project with the song “Vacation Forever”.
We’ll have more information as soon as it’s made available to us. In the meantime, enjoy the song and video…

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