Saturday Feb 24
Video: Roots of Creation – “Struggle (Ras MG Remix)”

Back on April 22nd, 2016, New Hampshire-based reggae-jam hybrid Roots of Creation released their heavy 18-track record Livin Free. This month, the group dropped a music video for Sublime’s Ras MG remix of their song “Struggle,” directed by Jeff Pliskin of Raised Fist Propaganda. You can read our Album Review & Star Rating for the new record by clicking HERE! Enjoy the song and video; and if you enjoy the track, feel free to pick up the album on iTunes by clicking HERE!

One Response to Video: Roots of Creation – “Struggle (Ras MG Remix)”

  1. jon phillips says:

    we love Brett Wilson he is a great talent from New Hampshire and Livin Free is a tiigghhht triple album!
    “Struggle” is a cool collab w Ras MG (Marhsall Goodman of Sublime and LBDA and Melvin Seals of JGB . Brett has his heart in the right place and wears his soul on his sleeve!

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