Tuesday Jan 16
Video Premiere: Darenots – Focus To Faded

Based out of Ontario, Canada comes a 4-piece eclectic group known as the Darenots. They released their debut EP, The Now Is Truth, on May 27th via Law Records. Now the group has released their first music video for the song “Focus To Faded.” The video was directed by Ryan Long with animation by Nate Galbraith. The main theme of the video, as the group tells The Pier, is to illustrate girl vs band. “Being in the same place at the same time taunting each other but never actual getting together in the end.” The video was shot in Rockwood (farm country outside of Toronto). In discussing the song, drummer Swav Pior explained the song to The Pier: “The song was inspired by a past experience with a hot little party mess. Lots of ups, or better defined as, highs surpassed by even more lows.” Jimmy goes on to explain that: “The song reflects that of the crazy girls we always seem to be attracted to. They appear heaven-sent, but really, they are from the pits of hell.” You can pick up their new EP on iTunes by clicking HERE! Enjoy the song and video…

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  1. Dub Diezel says:

    This song’s pretty dope and it never hurts to have a hot rock’n rocker look’n chick in the music video either. That alone will keep you intrigued to keep watching but then you also find yourself saying hey I like the song I’m hearing too. Will be interested to hear some more from these Cats.

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