Saturday Feb 24
Video: Common Kings – Everybody

Orange County rock-reggae outfit the Common Kings just got off a summer headline tour with MayDay from Strange Music and they have a new video for the song “Everybody” off their new album Lost In Paradise. The video was shot in New York on the Hudson River as directed by Hagoth Aiono during the groups tour with Meghan Trainor. Here’s what Ivan “Uncle Lui” Kirimaua told The Pier with regards to the video:
“This was probably one of the best experiences we’ve ever had filming a video as it captures who the Common Kings are. Hagoth can take any normal experience and make it appear epic and amazing. He literally filmed us hanging out and chilling on a day off from the Meghan Trainor tour. The video looks so cinematic and is one of the best visuals we’ve ever had to a song.”
You can pick up the bands new album, Lost In Paradise on iTunes by clicking HERE! Enjoy the song and video…

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  1. charlene says:

    Common Kings ALWAYS brings da fiyah! LOVE the video guys. #polymovement

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