Tuesday Feb 20
Video Premiere: Cisco Adler – Long Strange Trip

Here’s the Video Premiere to Cisco Adler’s new single “Long Strange Trip”, the second song in 4 months that Adler has released via his own Banana Beat Records; the first being “Don’t Kill My Buzz.”

With “Long Strange Trip” Adler tells The Pier: “This song is in a group of 4 tunes that was a burst of inspiration after my friend Cody Dickinson gave me a yellow nylon string guitar that felt magical in my hands. It literally gave me the songs. After the success of Don’t Kill My Buzz… which quietly sold 11k singles in its first week out of nowhere with zero promotion I was definitely reinvigorated with the thought of giving the people more music. And here we are after a long strange trip.”

Stay tuned as Cisco Adler will follow “Long Strange Trip” with the release a new single on January 6th, 2017. You can pick up Cisco Adler’s music on iTunes by clicking HERE! — Enjoy the song and video…

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