Tuesday Jan 16
Video Premiere: C-Money – “Calling Me”

This is the first track off of Raised Fist Records by C-Money (John Brown’s Body/Slightly Stoopid) which features a remix of R. Kelly’sYour Body is Calling” & Manu Chao “Cumbia.” The track is called “Calling Me” and it was recorded and Mixed at legendary Skip Saylor Studios.
Here’s what C-Money had to say regarding the track: “”When I was in Slightly Stoopid and lived in Ocean Beach, I would walk everywhere. One day walking back from Miles house I had R Kelly’s ‘Your Body is Calling Me’ on a playlist right before Manu Chao’s ‘Mentira.’ I love both those songs so I was repeating them and they had similar tempos so I started singing one over the other. I had a solo show coming up at Winston’s and decided to add it to the set. It was a perfect sexy reggae jam to drop! People loved the beat and the multi-lingual aspect so I kept it in the set. That was 6 years ago! Jeff Pliskin suggested we record it as the premier release on his new record label Raised Fist Records. I was already in the studio working on new songs so we finished the recording in 4 days. This song has become a staple of our live set and one that gets people dancing every time!” Stay tuned for a follow up on the creation of Jeff Pliskin’s Raised Fist Records. Enjoy the song & video…

C-Money – Calling Me from Raised Fist Propaganda on Vimeo.

3 Responses to Video Premiere: C-Money – “Calling Me”

  1. Ben says:

    Wow!!! Powerful video!!! Big ups C$!!!

  2. Melody Heald says:

    Awesome video and song

  3. Fortunate619 says:

    Painfully boring vid bro. I’ve seen Jeff’s work before with other artists and it pretty obvious he just scrapped this together.

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