Thursday Feb 22
Video: Goldfinger – “Tijuana Sunrise”

Goldfinger released their last studio record, The Knife, last July via Rise Records. One of the top songs from the record was “Tijuana Sunrise” and now the group has put out a music video for the single. Describing the song, front-man John Feldmann tells The Pier:
“I had always wanted to write a song about my experiences as a kid, living in San Diego, drinking in Tijuana. I’d been a fucking hope-to-die alcoholic and was drinking for a long time, and they say I survived by seconds and inches. I drank with this guy named El Diablo that ended up being the meth dealer of Tijuana, and I survived but my roommate got kidnapped by this guy. It could have been me, the guy that was kidnapped and tortured… it could have been me. I needed to write a song about that three-year period in my life where I survived.”
Read more in our Interview with John Feldmann by clicking HERE! Enjoy the song and video…

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