Saturday Feb 24
Video: Fear Nuttin Band – “Fear Nuttin”

Watch the latest official music video from Springfield, Massachusetts’ very own, Fear Nuttin Band. The featured song is Fear Nuttin’ Band’s most recent single and the band’s very own namesake, “Fear Nuttin”. “Fear Nuttin” came from Fear Nuttin Band’s most recent full-length studio album release Vibes Love & Revolution via BoomBlaze Records. The director for this particular video was Jeff Pliskin of Raised Fist Propaganda, a company very familiar with the reggae-rock community. ENJOY!

3 Responses to Video: Fear Nuttin Band – “Fear Nuttin”

  1. Adam Gandy says:

    Shocked at how poor the writeup is for such a killer new video.

  2. Dub Diezel says:

    Agreed Adam, this video was sic! These dudes are legit and great musicians. Rasta Rock as I call it. It’s a tough song without being some fast blistering metal song, the instumentation is good enough on point and they did it just right for this track being a single. Their message vocally is especially what makes it tough and unique. I love the harmonics with the guitar, haha gives a cool metal feel.

  3. Adam Gandy says:

    Dub D, thanks for following my shitty comment up with good words haha! These guys hit a sweet spot on that heavier sound that isn’t prevalent in the scene and their style is so big I’m surprised they don’t get a lot more attention. And Jeff was perfect for the job on video! Bring on the next one.

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