Tuesday Jan 16
Video: Alborosie – “Poser”

Directed by Tony Fisher here is the new music video for Alborosie’s latest single, “Poser”. This is the first single off an upcoming EP that will release in September, with the second single dropping in June. Before that EP drops in September, Alborosie will release a 12 track instrumental album with King Jammys called Dub of Thrones. As for the new single “Poser”, Alborosie explains: “It is a time where appearance is more important than the real essence of things. We should be true to ourselves and be as honest as possible to the message and the music. A lot of bad persons are pretending to be good. The song is talking about musicians, but in the video, you see a lot of posers from everyday life!” You can pick up Alborosie’s music on iTunes by clicking HERE! Enjoy the song & video…

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