Friday Jan 19
Updated Concert Articles…

This past weekend The Pier was in attendance for both a west & east coast show on Saturday, Feb 26th. We provided exclusive Concert Articles with pictures for both the Law Records Friends & Family acoustic tour w/Pepper & The Supervillains. Along with the Winter Blackout tour with The Expendables. Click on each of the articles below to read more.

  • Pepper made their way to the stage at around 10:15pm and brought in that comfortable, staying-in feel by playing popular songs in an acoustic environment, including the use of three acoustic guitars, drums, percussion along with the help of keyboard to further accent the sound. The golden toilet bowl used as a throne for front man, Brett was a sight to see, while Kaleo preferred to sit on a full blown medicine ball. Pepper played a set of… Read More
  • – Article by: Liz sandieganliz Pimentel
    – Photos by: David Norris

  • The Expendables shuffled onto stage not long after 10 p.m. to a heard of screaming and howling fans, with many raising their Pabst Blue Ribbons and others waving the rock on hand symbol, showing off big black ex’s, which drummer Adam Patterson explained as, Oh, that means you’re jail bait. As the 400-500 people in attendance smashed together in a jamming frenzy to soak up the beach-party sonics of the Santa Cruz boys, it definitely made the place feel like a 100 degrees; therefore… Read More
  • – Article & Photos by: Amber McDonald

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