Sunday Feb 25
Updated Album Reviews

Since the start of the new year, new albums & releases have been abundant and we’ve focused much of our time on sharing our review with the records we’ve enjoyed thus far. Take a look as we’ve reviewed new albums by Ballyhoo!, Sticky Fingers, Common Kings, Fortunate Youth as well as our first ever Beer Review as we finally had the chance to try 311‘s Amber Ale

Coming up, we’ll have new reviews on new albums from Morgan Heritage, Iya Terra, Nattali Rize, Three Legged Fox, Satsang, Dangermuffin and more!

With album reviews, everyone has an perspective/opinion and no one is right or wrong, but the discussion is what we look forward to; as long as there is a discussion, people will continue to discover the music and listen for themselves. We want to hear your perspective and how the music speaks to you in contrast to our written reflections. The topic is always up for discussion as we want you to reply in a comment with a review & rating of your own!

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Sticky Fingers – Westway (The Glitter & The Slums)

“Whether by choice or chance, Westway is distinctively darker than anything Sticky Fingers have released to date. Despite the meteoric success these guys have achieved in Australia, which is finally being recognized in the US, it’s clear they still experience struggle, drama, and depression. Perhaps it’s even more magnified than ever. And to it’s namesake Westway features the highs and the lows. Both the glitter and the slums…” READ MORE

Written & Reviewed By: Brian Winters


Common Kings – Lost In Paradise

“A fresh dozen from the rising Orange County quartet highlighted by the exceptional self-titled single, Lost in Paradise has plenty of substance to give itself an identity. Common Kings make a statement with Lost in Paradise that they are one of the leading artists who most successfully infuse an overall pop sound into their music. There is plenty of feel-good imagery in Common Kings’ music that will leave you longing to be somewhere tropical and the songs render themselves very repeatable for plenty of listens after the first…” READ MORE

Written & Reviewed By: Brian Glaser


Fortunate Youth – Fortunate Youth

“Fortunate Youth has stuck to their roots from the beginning, which may deny them the cross-over success others have seen, but has endeared them to their core base of reggae fans. Irie State of Mind still holds the #1 spot in my ranking of Fortunate Youth albums because the one-two punch of Kelly and Gonzo was just too good, but the self-titled album is certainly right up there…” READ MORE

Written & Reviewed By: Brian Winters


Ballyhoo! – Girls.

“Girls is that rare album that contains as much fun as it does emotional depth. Whether the song is meant for fun, to tell a story or to deliver a message, Ballyhoo!’s versatility has allowed them to make music unlike any other band in this genre, which is why they’ve become one of my favorite bands over the past several years. I have to commend the band for continuing to evolve and bring something new to the table with each album. Girls will satisfy fans on both ends of the hooligan spectrum: those who were drawn to the fun summertime sounds of…” READ MORE

Written & Reviewed By: Andrew Aroche


311 – Amber Ale (Beer)

“311 Amber Ale pours a golden-amber color with a white head, perhaps coinciding with the color scheme of the can. One could even say “shades of gold display naturally” (nailed it). The hops are absolutely noticeable with each sip — or drink or gulp — but they aren’t overwhelmingly excessive. Caramel and malt accents are also evident, and the beer includes an earthy finish with almost a forest-like aroma. Drink-ability is…” READ MORE

Written & Reviewed By: Brian Glaser




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