Friday Jan 19
Updated Album Reviews…

Every Monday we update our Editorials section with new Album & Music Reviews! This week we focus our radar on The Melodramatics new Self-Titled release along with Groove Stain’s 2010 release with Out All Night. Both reviews are by our very own Matt Emodi. Check out each of the reviews below to see what Star Rating he gave these new releases! See you next Monday for more album reviews updated to the site!

The Melodramatics – Self Titled

The Melodramatics’ recipe for a good record has the perfect balance of reggae’s walking bass line and punk rock’s distorted power chords. Their self-titled album is reminiscent of 90’s punk rock in many ways. Their use of filtered vocals and confrontational, sometimes story telling lyrics, remind me of classics such as the Misfits. But their application of fast paced offbeat guitar chords of many songs has me thinking …READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by Matt Emodi

Groove Stain – Out All Night

Be on your guard listening to this album. If you were to start dozing off, there is a high probability of being interrupted by a change of pace similar to leaving the tranquil eye of a hurricane into madness. Many songs build up energy all the way to the chorus. During the eighth track titled Hard to Get, the electric guitar picks up the skank from four beats to strumming out eight beats per measure. So what? The difference is…READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by Matt Emodi

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