Wednesday Jan 17
Updated Album Review!

Happy Memorial Day & for those that have the day off, Happy Monday! Every Monday we update our Editorials section with new Album & Music Reviews! This week we take a look at a brand new release by The Alchemystics. See what our staff had to say about this new release!

We also have a few songs off this new album for FREE download, inside our MP3 Massive section by clicking HERE

The Alchemystics – Spread Hope

The name Alchemystics is both an oddly fitting and oddly misleading name for this group, depending on how you view the primary objectives of alchemy and the primary objectives of this band. The ancient tradition of alchemy was focused upon the creation of the Philosopher’s Stone, which would have the ability to turn base metals into silver or gold. On Spread Hope the Alchemystics blend a wide variety of genres, including reggae, ska, calypso, and…READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Chris Castro

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