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Update from Angelo Moore & Fishbone

The Pier’s own Jeff Pliskin of Raised Fist Propaganda went from NY to CA to connect with Angelo Moore of Fishbone on some upcoming video projects. Read Jeff’s recap of the events that include him staying with Fortunate Youth and following up with Angelo Moore about Gwen Stefani‘s comments in Cosmo Magazine, crediting him as a early fashion influence…

Recently, I flew out to LA to complete a couple of video projects – One of which being the Angelo Moore movie entitled, “Optimistic.”
Since I was staying with the Fortunate Youth crew in Gardena, CA I asked Dr. Madd Vibe to drive up and hang for a few as we edited down the rough cut of the short film. Jered Draskovich and Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth joined as we tweaked the footage from 2011 – some of which involving HR of the legendary Bad Brains. It was the first time in history members of two iconic reggae punk bands appeared on a project together. Fishbone and Bad Brains were undoubtedly an influence on my life as well as the homies I was staying with on the West Coast.

The vibes were good as we pieced it together – Dan the man pacing in the kitchen of the house with his pot of home cooked goodness. As he fed us, Gonzo from Tribal Seeds posse’ stopped by. Angelo munched away as we began talking about the Third Wave of Ska Punk that broke mainstream in the 80’s & 90’s.

“Angelino, how do you feel about Gwen Stefani bigging you up in the newest issue of Cosmo Magazine?” I asked.

Angelo was silent for a minute. He scratched the top of his head where his tattooed mohawk was placed. “Let’s move this discussion to the outside, where it’s warmer,” he said. “Jeffro, I know this is a rare thing for you considering New York is an ice tundra right now!” The crew laughed it off.

We moved the discussion to the garage. Pool table and vinyl records graced us as Angelo and I danced to new tracks Dan Kelly was playing us off the new Fortunate Youth record. “You guys are pretty good,” Angelo stated as I took in the 80 degree California weather.

Gonzo, Jered & Dan gave me a glance…the type of look that showed respect and appreciation for what was happening.
“Fishbone & Bad Brains were pioneers. Amazing performers. They inspired our bands to be ourselves. They play their souls out every time and we have nothing but the utmost respect for those dudes…” – Jered D of Fortunate Youth

All three SoCal band-mates were down for a collab with the punk icon – I was all about setting that up.

I suggested doing a music video of Angelo in his skinhead suspenders walking down the mean streets of Compton with his saxaphone, singing along to a Fortunate Youth song – knocking on random doors in the neighborhood, just to see what would happen, which garnered some laughter.

I asked again how Angelo felt about No Doubts Gwen Stefani and her remarks about being a fashion icon.

Angelo Moore’s response: “Thank you Gwen for being inspired by my freaky stylee’. Let’s get together and make a magical look of fashion that will shock the world! Love, Angelo”

Hopefully the future can bless us with an epic collab in the future; music or fashion wise from Angelo Moore & Gwen Stefani.

Coming up for Fishbone, they’ll be spending April and May on the road that will build up for their performance at the California Roots Arts & Music Festival over Memorial Day weekend in May. Currently, Fishbone has kicked off their Webisode Series that includes 5 total episodes that is tied to the groups latest 5 track EP Intrinsically Intertwined. The first song, “Unstuck” includes its own music video within an extended 8-minute webisode; which begins to translate the band’s storyline from their conceptual new 5-song recording.

For more information, follow the dates and links below – Stay tuned for more from Jeff Pliskin and the final edit of his upcoming video projects with Angelo Moore!

fishbone Tour Dates

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Article & Photos By: Jeff Plikskin

Watch: Fishbone – The Fishbone Reality: “Unstuck” Part 1 of ‘Intrinsically Intertwined’

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