Tuesday Jan 16
Upcoming Exclusive Interviews!

Come back here Tuesday, March 6th & March 13th as we have 2 Exclusive Interviews we’ll be debuting with Anuhea and Groundation. Anuhea has a lot to discuss with her new album For Love, while Groundation will be boasting the release of their new album dropping this month titled Building An Ark.

Anuhea’s Interview will come this next Tuesday, March 6th while Groundations will launch on March 13th, exactly 1 week from their next album release. Anuhea discusses working with JP from The Green & Jacob Hemphill of SOJA, while Groundation pulls the curtain back a little bit, also sharing their thoughts on the recent success of groups such as Rebelution & SOJA.

There’s a lot of interesting perspective and 2 great conversations that our very own Kris Siuta has with both Anuhea & Groundation. While Groundation is about to take their tour internationally after a Bob Marley Tribute, Anuhea is currently on tour with SOJA for a string of dates that also include Gentleman!

Be sure to stop by here over the next 2 Sundays to read our Exclusive Interviews with Groundation & Anuhea! It doesn’t stop there as we have a few more Exclusive Interviews in the works over the next few weeks. Is there someone you’d like us to interview? Shoot us an email to info@thepier.org. Cheers!

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