Saturday Feb 17
The Pier Staff: Pilipo, founder of The Pier, leaving…

It is with sad news that we announce that The Pier founder & Chief Contributor Pilipo has decided it is time for him to do something new & seek other endeavors. Pilipo, who started The Pier on Aug 15th, 2007 wishes all the bands & everyone involved in The Pier all the best for the future. His presence & passion for the scene has been greatly appreciated & will be truly missed. After three years, Pilipo would like to thank the fans that support this online magazine – “It was a good time”.

Pilipo leaving, does not mean the end of The Pier as we still plan to build and progress the site to new heights in bringing you constant updates to the site, store & content. We want to wish Pilipo all the best in his future endeavors; and for all the hard work, sacrifices & countless hours interviewing & reviewing music and posting endless enjoyable content, we want to say THANK YOU

Feel free to take some time out and sign into our Pier Chat Board to thank the person responsible for helping create a community that is now being embraced as the home to the Reggae-Rock-Acoustic scene.

-The Pier Staff

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