Tuesday Feb 20
The Movement’s New Single & Album

Fans have been waiting patiently for The Movement to come up with some fresh new music after what seemed to be the end of the band in 2012. Since their last release of their #1 Billboard Reggae album One More Night, the band has been trying out new sounds and tightening up their music.

Having lost their frontman, Jordan Miller, just hours before a show, it was unsure if the band would be able to continue playing. Luckily, the band regrouped with the founding member, singer/guitarist Josh Swain. Now the boys are happy as ever and ready to show the world that they’ve been hard at work with their new single.

They’ve just released their new single “Sweet Life”, which features SOJA’s Rafa on trumpet. Not only is there a brand new single, but a killer video to go along with it! The video was released on July 16th with sneak peak freeze frames of the video released for several days before the big release on the band’s Facebook page. It was directed by George Morgan from Frame by Frame Media and was filmed in Ocean City, Maryland.

If you’re expecting this new album, titled Side by Side to sound anything like their previous album, One More Night, you’d be in for a surprise. This album brings life to a cool and easy reggae vibe, different from past sounds. The release date is set for Tuesday, August 13, giving the band plenty of time to continue teasing fans with their social media posts about the release.

Playing shows all around the East Coast, the band will be gearing up to play amongst reggae legends at the Reggae in the Park Festival in Philadelphia. Some fellow artists hitting up the stage will be Beres Hammond, Tarrus Riley and Shaggy just to name a few. With a tour name appropriately chosen to be “Bring Back the Good”, we hope the band is staying together for good!

Side By Side Track List:
1.) Echo
2.) Freeland “Featuring Rafa”
3.) Side By Side
4.) Sweet Life
5.) Popol Vuh
6.) Moonshine
7.) Gift
8.) Be Easy
9.) Mile High
10.) Another Woman
11.) Galaxy
12.) Atlas “Featuring Chuck Treece”

Upcoming Shows:
Jul 25 @ Amos’ Southend, Charlotte, NC
Jul 26 @ Seacrets, West Ocean City, MD
Jul 27 @ Seacrets, West Ocean City, MD
July 28 @ Seacrets, West Ocean City, MD
Aug 04 @ Mann Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia, PA
Sep 06 @ Masquerade, Atlanta, GA
Oct 26th @ Battleship Park. Wilmington, NC (Cali-Roots Carolina Sessions).

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Article By: Erin Walsh

3 Responses to The Movement’s New Single & Album

  1. Dub Diezel says:

    Sounds decent, just being a greedy spectator though I think, as figured the fella’s may bust out with a “sweet sumertime”, or “Alright” even “Habit” stylee of bringing the badboy of the two frontment JSwain back to the mix, since last we got of his contribution was “set sail” album. This is cool, to tell ya the truth not even really diggn the horns in this though, no offense SOJA mon, The Movement just aren’t really known for that, but then again Slightly Stoopid once weren’t either haha, so interesting to hear it, since every band now adays in the scene are adding horn sections. I’m just glad da dude’s have made some new tunes period……. Will be stoked to hear the entire record. We’re reading above that this won’t sound like any of their previous work. Ok ok I understand bands must explore, grow, and I am not opposed to bands that make each of their albums completely different, but I hope they haven’t been smoking too much ganja hehehe and swaying away too far away with what made The Movement…..The Movement! Hahaha that’s just it, their name says it all, their supposed to make da listeners groove and dance, not that you can’t on this new track, but sounds very rootsy reggae, and these dudes have originally always been known to be called/considered themselves Alternative Reggae. The one band I would put up there with the likes of Wait For Green. Which by da way WFG new EP is SIC!!!! I wouldn’t say so much now, as they are two completely different bands, but I guess what I’m saying is that they are by far the top 2 of atleast my favorite bands in the scene, because I think they both have always had their own sound, WFG expecially, so again excited to see how they grew with Josh back on this new record. Good job fella’s

  2. CDF says:

    Dub Diezel, I understand where you’re coming from, as this single is definitely a little different than the “Josh” type songs us Movement fans have come to know and love. Having said that, I think that it may be a smart move to use this as the first “single” to try and draw a more diverse following, as it is “roots-ier” and a little bit off the cuff of what us avid fans are used to or perhaps expecting. I’ve seen them play twice in the past couple of months, and trust you me this new album is going to be sick! Other than this song, I’ve heard them play a handful of other new ones (Echo, Moonshine, Popul Vol, Mile High, Side by Side, etc), and on all of these, you’ll find Josh doing all of the old school “Josh-type-things” that you were accustomed to on the past albums and then some, particularly his melodic rhythmic vocal style that is eerily similar to Bradley Nowell at times. I thought the “One More Night” album sounded nothing like the Movement I came to know and love (didn’t like it, don’t own it), and the songs I’ve heard live from “Side by Side” are more in line with The Movement sound I became a fan of. No offense to Jordan, but I think Josh is simply a better musician than him and is a more integral part of the sound that is The Movement Vibe. Looking forward to August 13th!

  3. Been a huge fan and luckily have gotten to know the guys a little even when Jordan was around. They are just plain Awesome, and believe me, really do have the best fans around. Even through the darkest times when they didn’t even know if they would be called “The Movement”, These fans (Including myself) stuck by these guys. Ever Since I seen them open for SOJA a few years back I knew they had a special sound. Not only because of their talent but also their chemistry. Much Love to Jordan, he chose his separate path and I wish him the best. But “The Movement” Now is the one that’s here to break the barrier. Josh’s sound is simply amazing and with My homies SMiLeS on Bass N Gary Dread on Drum It all just connects like the stars. Mike I cant forget him, this guy just adds a new twist with his guitar and beat skills When i seen him doing the two instruments plus sing backup it sold me. Take a listen and just anticipate the New album its going to be amazing. Bless Love to “The Movement” and “The Movement Junkies” Out there….Check us on FB!

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