Wednesday Nov 22
The Black Seeds: Saturday, September 19, Bellvue, CO

By Tim Jaray bass player for The Black Seeds

Pics by Chris Gee

10 days, 4000+ kilometers, 9 hotels, 6 states and 7 gigs.

The Road
We are past the half-way mark now after a mammoth trek across the Midwest. After a short stop in Iowa, corn capital of the U.S.A. we put the plains of Nebraska behind us and arrived in Colorado, home of the Rocky Mountains. The band were all exited about checking the Rockies out and while driving into Boulder we got a glimpse (through the late summer haze). The word ‘vast’ comes to mind and we realized that to check out the Rockies properly you need to spend some time. Can’t wait to show John Brown’s Body the Remarkables in Queenstown when they tour with us in N.Z.

Boulder is a university town and was designed with the same concepts as a few other university towns in the US. These are really cool places with narrow leafy streets and open European style plazas. I love the feel of these towns.

The Gig
The Gothic Theatre in Denver is an original vaudeville theatre built in 1908. It’s a classic old theatre and famous among musicians in the US for being a great gig. While it lives up to its name in terms of some of the gear, the atmosphere is thick with history and we had a blast. Very cool crowd and it was great to meet some of the US fans, in fact two people had driven from Mexico to see the gig. Right on!

One of the biggest questions that occurs in my day while on the road is what to eat. My top three food stops in the US so far;

1. Any Whole Food Market.
These places are oasis’ of culinary paradise in the great strip mall of America. Organic food and products. Incredible salads, great coffee (!!!!) and more.

2. Short Stop Deli, Ithaca, NY.
The Grand Slam Ithaca Cheese Steak with horseradish was the best post-gig chow down I’ve ever had. If you go here, keep a good hour to get through one. Open since the sixties this place delivers the real deal. See photo.

3. Sals Pizza, NY, NY.
Many places claim to have authentic New York Pizza, this is what they aim for. The bass player from John Brown’s Body (respect) put me on to this one, cheers Nate!

So, onto Park City, Utah tomorrow and then the West Coast. Can’t wait to see the Pacific.

Ray Ray.

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