Friday Jan 19
The B Foundation New Album Track-List

The Pier is proud to exclusively reveal the track-list for The B Foundation’s new album Souvenirs, Novelties, and Party Tricks. The Japanese version will include a bonus track called “Time”, which will also be on The Pier Compilation Volume 1, dropping this Summer!

Just a friendly reminder Souvenirs Novelties and Party Tricks is gonna be available on and iTunes on July 7th! If you catch the band on tour before then you may be able to get an early copy.. who knows…

  1. Souvenirs, Novelties, and Party Tricks
  2. The Cure
  3. Too Damn Tough
  4. Bazooka Joe
  5. Bellyfloppin’
  6. Mona Lisa
  7. Land Down Under
  8. Baby Jane
  9. Go Away (Featuring Josh Fischel and Dirty J)
  10. Looking High
  11. Evil Mind
  12. The Funeral Song
  13. Souvenirs (Reprise)

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