Wednesday Jan 17
The 2013 Pier Award Nominees


Welcome to the 2013 Pier Award Nominations

The nomination process include 5 categories with 10 nominees per category. The 10 nominees were selected & voted on by The Pier Family. The Pier has a staff that includes 15 members in 10 states. After working within the scene this last year, between covering new albums, tours & live events spanning the nation, we unanimously voted on the 10 selected nominees to be considered for The 2013 Pier Awards.

In this first round, your votes will select the Top 5 of the 10 listed nominees in each section. The Top 5 artists selected per category, will then move on to the next round of voting. Round 2 will take place from December 16th – December 22nd, where you will then vote for the top artist per category. The votes from each category will then be tallied & a single winner per category will be announced on December 23rd.

Scroll below to find each nominee’s website & Facebook links, a long with the 10 music videos up for nomination. Enjoy the feature and celebrate the hard work of each group, let’s recognize these artists for their musical contribution of 2013!

Nomination Process Has Ended – Place Your Vote HERE!

The Voting For Top Artist Per Category Can Be Found HERE

We understand there may be some groups not nominated, that you feel deserve recognition. Feel free to drop a comment below with who you feel should have been considered for nomination & include a link to check out their music! We want to use these awards as an opportunity to create awareness & attention for the bands that had a great year with their art & contribution. Selecting these 10 nominees was very difficult and it’s a tribute to the evolving depth of great artists doing big things with their music.

To Be Considered: Artist of the Year…

In most cases, a nominee for Artist of the Year can just as easily be nominated for any of the other categories, but that’s not fair. So, the ten nominees for this category hold a certain weight of influence over the scene with their art and contribution, especially in 2013. This is the most difficult category to nominate groups for, but we feel the selected ten groups had an outstanding 2013 with an impact & influence felt throughout the entire community. The Nominees to be considered are:

  • 311:
    Website / Facebook

  • The Green:
    Website / Facebook

  • Pepper:
    Website / Facebook

  • Tribal Seeds:
    Website / Facebook

  • Passafire:
    Website / Facebook

  • Fortunate Youth:
    Website / Facebook

  • Dirty Heads:
    Website / Facebook

  • Fat Freddy’s Drop:
    Website / Facebook

  • Rebelution:
    Website / Facebook

  • Morgan Heritage:
    Website / Facebook

    To Be Considered: Album of the Year…

    There were a ton of great albums released in 2013 and we could easily nominate 20 in this category, but we kept it to the top 10 based on reviews & general feedback from the year. Sure, some albums have really good songs that stay with you for awhile, but we nominated albums that we feel will stay with you in its entirety, from start to finish. From production to creativity, originality to its likability, we focused on ten albums, all of which received the highest star rating in our reviews earning at least 3.5 out of five stars. (EPs have been excluded from this category). Read ALL of our Album Reviews!. The Nominees to be considered are:

  • John Browns Body – Kings and Queens:
    Website / Facebook

  • Iration – Automatic:
    Website / Facebook

  • The Green – Hawai’i 13:
    Website / Facebook

  • Passafire – Vines:
    Website / Facebook

  • The Hip Abduction – The Hip Abduction:
    Website / Facebook

  • Alborosie – Sound The System:
    Website / Facebook

  • Ballyhoo! – Pineapple Grenade:
    Website / Facebook

  • Slightly Stoopid – TRI Studios:
    Website / Facebook

  • Fortunate Youth – Its All A Jam:
    Website / Facebook

  • Gentleman – New Day Dawn:
    Website / Facebook

    To Be Considered: Live Artist of the Year…

    Any artist can stay at home, record music and throw a project up on iTunes, promoting only with a crazy internet marketing, while playing sparingly at local venues. But to get in a van and perform most of the year at a new venue in a new city, each night, isn’t easy. There are challenges that go into organizing a tour with the members not only surviving one another, but the harsh realities (and liabilities) of being on the road. It takes time, patience, networking & a lot of sacrifice to suffice a tour. You have to leave an impact when you take the stage with your live presence, crowd control and sound. Even still, when the stage is clear for them to play, regardless of the capacity or who showed up, they slay the venue with their high energy, stage presence & face-melting musical art. The ten nominees in this category brought some of the best live energy to more than just their hometown and are worthy of their live presence to be nominated for Live Artist of the Year for 2013. The Nominees to be considered are:

  • SOJA:
    Website / Facebook

  • Mike Pinto:
    Website / Facebook

  • Fear Nuttin Band:
    Website / Facebook

  • Anuhea:
    Website / Facebook

  • Rootz Underground:
    Website / Facebook

  • J Boog:
    Website / Facebook

  • Natural Vibrations:
    Website / Facebook

  • Ballyhoo!:
    Website / Facebook

  • Stick Figure:
    Website / Facebook

  • The Movement:
    Website / Facebook

    To Be Considered: Break-Out Artist of the Year…

    Each year, there are bands that seem to be carrying a weight of momentum that can’t be ignored. Maybe due to a new album or they’re showing up on constant festivals and being added to various seasonal tours. Sometimes these are artists that are either emerging as a ‘new unknown from out of nowhere’ or a re-emerging artist making new waves from networking, to releasing new music and revitalized touring. Maybe these groups weren’t nominated for Album of the Year, or they didn’t have enough of an impact to be Artist of the Year, but the following groups certainly had a Break-Out year, setting the tone for years to come with their presence. These ten selected groups figured it out and have worked their tail off earning them a spot as a Breakout Artist in 2013. The Nominees to be considered are:

  • Wheeland Brothers:
    Website / Facebook

  • New Kingston:
    Website / Facebook

  • Kimie:
    Website / Facebook

  • Nahko & Medicine For The People:
    Website / Facebook

  • Big B:
    Website / Facebook

  • Krooked Treez:
    Website / Facebook

  • Daniel Bambaata Marley:
    Website / Facebook

  • Thrive:
    Website / Facebook

  • Ethan Tucker:
    Website / Facebook

  • Aer:
    Website / Facebook

    To Be Considered: Music Video of the Year…

    For those of you who don’t know, music videos have not gone away. They may appear to be less relevant without the vintage outlet of MTV or VH1, but they’re still being done and they’re being done well! Some bands have put in crazy production into their videos, some using actors/actresses and it’s a cherry on top to a professional sound, to include a professional music video. We feel that if you’re a group and you decide to do a full production music video, then it should be recognized. Plus, music videos are rad when quality production is used to compliment a new song. There are ten solid music videos nominated for Music Video of the Year, and we hope you watch each one before just simply voting for the band you’re most familiar with. The Nominees to be considered are:

    Ballyhoo! – “No Good”

    Fayuca – Por Que Seguir”

    Pepper – “FKARND”

    SOJA – “When We Were Younger”

    Pacific Dub – “Tightrope”

    Anuhea & Tarrus Riley – “Only Man in the World”

    Etana – “Reggae”

    Slightly Stoopid – “Don’t Stop”

    Spiritual Rez – “Agapoula Mou”

    Morgan Heritage – “Perfect Love Song”

  • 80 Responses to The 2013 Pier Award Nominees

    1. Without a doubt,…..all around, best album, live artist of the year, best video…..Ballyhoo!!!!

    2. Justin Calcasola says:

      Please cast my vote for The Fear Nuttin’ Band

    3. Michelle Goldsboro says:

      Best New Breakout Band Of The Year New Kingston!

    4. Aaron Pierce says:

      1 vote for Spiritual Rez’s “Agapoula Mou”

    5. Efrain Overby says:

      No Mike Love???

    6. Michael Miller says:

      Spiritual Rez – Best Video~!

    7. ash says:

      i vote Spiritual Rez for best music video!!

    8. Eric Murphy says:

      Tribal Seeds and New Kingston pon top!

    9. gabriela says:

      no entiendo como se vota ,pero mis votos son para sojaaaaa

    10. Brian Nelson says:

      Spirtual Rez gets my vote for video of the year !

    11. michelle charleson says:

      1vote for Spiritual Rez best video!!

    12. Pat Walker says:

      Break-out Artist of the Year KIMIE

    13. nikos beristianos says:

      Agapoula mou Spiritual Rez gets my vote



    16. cee stockton says:

      The Movement

    17. olga gorshunova says:

      Agapoula mou Spiritual Rez is the one I vote for

    18. Nikki says:

      Break Out Artist of the Year…
      The Jimmy Weeks Project

    19. Emma Eiser says:

      I vote for Kimie

    20. Lauren sargent says:

      SPIRITUAL REZ FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    21. Christabel says:

      Spiritual Rez! wins my vote! Hands down!

    22. JayWillingham says:

      Spiritual Rez “Agapoula Mou”

    23. Jonna says:

      311 always makes me happy!

    24. Leigha says:

      ROOTZ UNDERGROUND for Live Artist of the year!

    25. Eileen S says:

      Wow, love the Spiritual Rez song!! I vote for that one.

    26. cyndi says:

      SOJA for live artist of the year! I travel miles upon miles to see them anytime they come to the US. Wouldnt miss a concert for the world!!!

    27. Bobby says:

      My vote goes to Ballyhoo! In all categories. They blow all the competition out the water.

    28. Lo S says:

      Stick Figure

    29. Brooke says:

      By far best break out Nahko and MFTP!!! They should be artist of the year as well as video for Budding Trees!!

    30. Lehua Holt says:

      I’d like to nominate the following artists for the 2013 awards.

      Artist of the year:

      Live artist of the year:

      Breakout Artist of the year:
      Jimmy Weeks Project

      Music video of the year:
      Jimmy Weeks Project – “White Dress”

      Thank you!

    31. carmella says:

      Wheeland brothers

    32. Daniele says:

      Soja-live artist of the year and the best video

      Soja Brazil love you!!!

      ? Soja?

    33. Nick says:

      Groundation should without a doubt be included in the ‘Live artist of the year’ category. I agree with a lot of the other nominations but was a bit bummed to not see them listed in at least that category. Also I’ll second Efrain and say no Mike Love?!?

    34. Jay says:

      Arden Park Roots should have been on the List for Break Out Artist for suuuuure, With the unbelievable support they have it might not have been fair tho (; next year let them blow it out of the water, PLUS 1000000$ says the new album takes album of the year too. Still in studio but it sounds sooo amazing!!!!

    35. Linn Spalding says:

      Stick Figure is my favorte!!

    36. Morgan Heritage , I vote for him , he is a great singer,

    37. dee david says:

      I cast my vote for Music Video “Anuhea ft Tarrus Riley” Only Man in the World..

    38. Derek says:

      I Yahn I Arkestra . best breakout video ?
      [Sinkin Sand]

    39. Erikk galvan says:

      Slightly stoopid for live artist of the year hands down!!

    40. Donovan E Wilson says:

      I vote New Kingston for Break Out Artist of the year.

    41. Brandi Fjeld says:

      FAYUCA, FAYUCA, FAYUCA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    42. Nari says:

      I vote for album “Sound of the system” to Alborosie!!

    43. Judy says:

      I’m voting for Spiritual Rez
      “Agapoula Mou”

    44. Carmen Amaya says:

      Porque seguir – best rhythm, theme, actors, overall video work, THE BEST!!

    45. Carmen Amaya says:

      FAYUCA- Porque seguir- Is a video wit the potential to transcend to a greater audience in the world. The song has rhythm, style, and social content. It depicts history in the making. Additionally, it is skilfully filmed/edited, produced with artistic efficacy, in the CAST and originality of content. It is truly the best, after reviewing the rest of the nominees. Best luck to FAYUCA, great job!

    46. Noe says:

      Can you hear the green coming!!!

    47. Barbie says:

      Spiritual Rez!!!!

    48. Nicole says:

      Cast my vote for fear nuttin band for best live band.

    49. Lena Flannery says:

      Nahko Bear Medicine for the people are the best

    50. ty says:


    51. Sue Kansky says:

      Nahko & Medicine For The People:

    52. Lisa says:

      Krooked Treez

    53. Baltasar says:


    54. Martha Cook says:

      No voting box provided, only this page to respond.. The box at the beginning of the nominations, would not allow input. Frustrating

    55. Damon says:

      This is silly. How are the artists chosen by the fans when you’ve preselected the artists for us? We’re not choosing. The options are predetermined.

    56. Colton Lee says:

      Jon Wayne and the Pain’s new album ‘Surrender’ should have been a nominee for the Album of the Year Award. Josh Heinrichs should be a nominee for Artist of the Year Award. No one, and I mean NO ONE in the reggae community works harder than him. He has his own reggae label, holds his own reggae festivals, lives in an area where reggae isn’t in the mainstream, gives his music away for free, promotes his own material, tours relentlessly all with a do it yourself attitude. Also on top of all of that he had 25,000 likes on Facebook at one point this year and then boom all of a sudden he’s up to 80,000+. Now he has 145,282 likes in the course of under 2 months.

    57. gloria cortez says:

      Tribal seeds & fortunate youth ^·^

    58. Justin Wesley says:

      live artist and breakout artist should definitely go to nahko and medicine for the people without a doubt. Best music video should go to nahko and medicine for the people for budding trees.

    59. Marilyn says:

      Wheeland brothers – Breakout artist

    60. Matt says:

      Iration, Rebelution, Fortunate Youth not showing up in Live act of the year is very strange.

    61. christian castillo says:

      Rebelution was one of my most memorable concerts I’ve been too.

    62. lucinda says:

      Nahko & Medicine For The People

    63. Shauna Sindo says:


    64. Heather says:

      Nahko Bear Medicine for the people ! They feed my soul and make my spirit soar ! Break out if the year

    65. River says:

      Nakho & Medicine for the People for best break-out artist of the year

    66. Check out Cali Conscious. Their first album dropped in July of 2013. Reggae, Alternative Rock, Acoustic with a positive message. They tried getting a review for their album High Times, but never got a response from The Pier.

      Fortunate Youth – It’s all a jam
      Rootz Underground – Best Live
      Soja – Best Video

      One Love

    67. Ryan says:

      Spiritual rez for video of the year hands down!

    68. Merry L. Bindner (CandyMom+) says:

      ( Nahko and the Medicine People :)
      <3 With Love+Gratitude, Always..OXOX

    69. Black Salt Tone for new break out artist!

    70. Lynn Sapp says:

      Spiritual Rez – Best Video~!

    71. Heather says:


    72. Immortal1 says:

      Fayuca Por Que Seguir

    73. Bob Harney says:

      Spiritual Rez !!!

    74. Rose C. says:

      Pupa Alborosie>>> Sound the System

    75. Samantha Porché says:

      My votes goes to ballyhoo!! In the 3 categories they are nominated:)

    76. Fran Thomas says:


    77. Carlos says:

      In short time of existence, KROOKED TREEZ is a true emerging new artist. Just in One yr so much done..look for them in 2014

    78. Jess says:

      Tribal Seeds should’ve deffinitly made artist of the year:/

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