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SWR Rumors: Bud vs Cheez

Back in 2009-2010, when Sublime With Rome formed with Rome Ramirez undertaking the immense challenge of performing the timeless tunes written and played by the late Bradley Nowell and remaining members Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh, there was plenty of speculation by many parties and fans alike.

In recent weeks, the thought of Sublime With Rome continuing on as a touring band has been discussed at length, both internally and externally, including a report on TMZ. Normally, when a news update is reported by TMZ, it generally consists of somber or downright disappointing news. Often times, rumors run ramped, but there seems to be some truth with the happenings within the Sublime With Rome camp.

After a groundbreaking performance was set for the Hawaiian Islands last weekend that included notable reggae rockers Pepper and Iration, Sublime With Rome made headlines for a different reason.

During SWR’s set on Maui at the Point Panic Music Festival, an ongoing feud made its way onstage between drummer Bud Gaugh and the band’s manager, Mike “Cheez” Brown. This confrontation occurred in front of the die-hard fans in Hawai’i, just before one of Sublime’s most iconic songs “What I Got”. At that point, profanities and even a “Go home Cheez” chant began during the performance, instigated by Bud Gaugh.

The love was certainly not felt, both onstage and within the crowd, as “Cheez” picked up his six-string acoustic guitar to join the band for the soulful ballad. Although, Bud Gaugh decided to leave the stage before the opening lyrics of “Early in the morning…”.

Having Cheez perform with the band on stage is nothing new, as this has been a routine of previous performances, including their 311 Unity Tour over the summer. The only difference was the outburst between Bud and Cheez. The performance went on without Bud behind the kit, as Cheez remained on stage to close out SWR’s set.

As there always are, rumors have sprouted about the dismantling of Sublime With Rome, or even a possible replacement for Bud Gaugh. Among the issues & rumors that have been mentioned refer to heavy drug use, which led to the untimely demise of the original Sublime in 1996.

This is all heavy news to swallow, and plenty more to unfold, especially with two upcoming performances in Florida on December 3rd and 4th. Whether Bud Gaugh will be back in his proper seat pounding away on the drums, or a replacement will be named for the remaining dates, an official decision has yet to be made.

For past shows in South America, the Dirty Heads’ drummer Matt Ochoa sat in with Eric Wilson and Rome for numerous dates, but other rumored permanent replacements have been mentioned, including Marshall Goodman and Kelly Vargas, both of whom have recorded and performed with Sublime in the past. Other So Cal based beat-masters have been rumored, but with another drummer not named Bud Gaugh, can you really and truly call it “Sublime”? At this point, it might be better for all parties to repair the broken bridge, rather than burning it straight to the ground.

According to TMZ, the guys have buried the hatchet, after laughing about the incident the following day. But if this is the beginning of the end for Sublime With Rome, how soon will it be before Rome Ramirez sets sail on his own solo career with his guitar? There is still no doubt about Rome’s talent, with the remaining Sublime members or not.

Do you believe the Rumors? What are your thoughts on SWR?
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Article By: Kris Siuta
Photos By: Jenni Anspach and Bill Colbridge

4 Responses to SWR Rumors: Bud vs Cheez

  1. Shawn says:

    I think that if one of the band members (Bud) had a problem with Cheez going onstage during What I Got, then Bud’s not the one instigating. For Bud to react like that, it must’ve been made clear before they went on for the encore that he didn’t want Cheez there to play the song. It’s Cheez’s privilege to join them, and as their manager he should’ve been looking out for the band and it’s members and stayed off stage to avoid the confrontation and what lead up to a storm-off. Also, going into management for Sublime[with Rome] he should’ve done his homework to know how volatile the members are and were back in the day to avoid something like this. It can’t be comfortable for any of them to go up and perform the songs they wrote with Brad without him there, and as their manager I think Cheez should respect that rather than push an issue.

  2. Adrian says:

    Screw the manager he can be replaced. Bud is not replaceable. Sublime has always been Bud and Eric on rythm section and when those two aren’t together there’s no sublime

  3. V says:

    The drummer is clearly a Crackhead that can not control his temper. Doesn’t he have a serious drug problem?? Do you want to be a druggie or a serious musician? Because you will have to eventually pick one or the other- you can’t get away with both forever. And the manager should be treated with respect, if he wants to play a song to bond with the band every once in awhile, why shouldn’t he? The band should be a democracy, not a dictatorship for success.

  4. boya says:

    Buds the only sober one “V”. Or Cheez, whoever wrote that. Seems like management’s the problem here. The major addiction issue that flows through that camp is the manager and his toothless-hooker fascination.

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