Saturday Feb 24
Sublime with Rome Set-List!

Take a look at the latest Set-List of Sublime with Rome. Check out what classic Sublime songs they’re performing LIVE and if my eyes dont mistake me, I see a few songs on there that appear to be new. I wonder if the song Only is the same Only that was featured on our Pier Comp. Volume 1 as performed by Rome.

5 Responses to Sublime with Rome Set-List!

  1. Arez says:

    “Because we don’t want to pay no money fee to hear the same old sounds” – KRS-ONE

    Stop killing classics – Take reggae to a higher ground…

  2. D Grizz says:

    No Panic?

  3. Slickgonzalez says:

    Lovers Rock? Can anyone confirm if that’s a cover of the The Clash tune from London Calling?

  4. Brad says:

    Panic is listed first. I went to the Biloxi show on 4/30 and the setlist is the same except they played Date Rape first and Panic at #19 instead of Johnny Butt. Looks like they use the same set list for this tour and switch out a handful of songs.

  5. Brad says:

    All of the new songs are slower reggae style songs except for Paper Cuts which was more of a punk tune. All a little different but still good. Panic is gonna be the first single to be released within days I think. PCH was another really good one that I liked as well as Only.

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