Thursday Feb 22
Sublime with Rome – “Lovers Rock”

Sublime with Rome is itching to release their new album Yours Truly on July 12th as it seems every other day they’re leaking a new song for everyone to hear. The suspense of what this album will contribute to the legacy that is Sublime is slowly unfolding and the argument continues between the older generation of Sublime fans and the new. For Rome, it’s a coming out party as he’s debuting a lot of his songs with the 2 remaining members of Sublime anchoring him with the drum & bass. As a result, you have Sublime…With Rome and in true Sublime sound, the new song is called Lover’s Rock and you should go take a listen!

Click the Sublime With Rome album cover to listen to Lovers Rock

Be honest. What are your thoughts of the new song?
Go take a listen and then come back and join the discussion already taking place inside our Pier Forum .
How do you rank this song among Panic, Murdera, Can You Feel It?

2 Responses to Sublime with Rome – “Lovers Rock”

  1. Eric says:

    Awesome song, Murdera is still my favorite so far, its similar yet different to the sublime we’re used to hearing. Rome is definitely living up to his own, which is why SWR should be looked at as a separate band from Sublime. All in all another great band looking to carry on Bradley’s style. I’m excited to see what the rest of the album will sound like when its released!

  2. Dub Diezel says:

    “As a result, you have Sublime…With Rome”

    Haha perfect my friend, and I couldn’t have summed it up or said it any better, and in all actuality, is probably the best little paragraph explaining exactly how it really is, in with that it’s basically Rome but with Sublime backing him on bass and drum etc etc. I pre-orded this album with the bonus tracks and all that good stuff, and every other day when they release a new track for us all to hear, makes me that much more glad that I did indeed order this. It’s sounding good and I truely believe Bradley is applauding his boys and Rome on this work in his other life. Granted Bud and Eric could have thrown Ras-1 back on guitar and vocals (leaving out Opie) not to be called L.B.D.A.S. and could have tried to call themselves Sublime with blah blah or blah blah, hahaha but no offesne to Ras, nobody can match up to Brads range, vocal approach, and rude-bwoy stylee, but if someone’s going to come close to it, Bud and Eric at least felt it would be the kid in his early 20’s ……Rome. I’m ready for this album already!

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