Thursday Dec 14
Slightly Stoopid with Perro Bravo & Fortunate Youth

Slightly Stoopid announced a West Coast Fall Tour that will see the group accompanied by Fortunate Youth and reunited with Sublime’s Miguel Happoldt with his band Perro Bravo.
Miguel Happoldt and Sublime’s late frontman Brad Nowell had a record label called Skunk Records that would go on to later sign Slightly Stoopid, who consisted of Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald.

When I interviewed Miguel Happoldt back in 2014, he told me the story of how Slightly Stoopid first came to be discovered: “Brad had a real bad drug problem — Miles’ Mom was a nurse and her boyfriend at the time was a doctor and they were interested in getting him off drugs, crazy as that sounds, and Brad lived with them. Then he woke up one day, heard this crazy shit going on in the garage and went out there and he was like: ‘You guys got a band?’ And the rest is history… and the first song I did with them I was completely impressed!”

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Over the next 20 years, Slightly Stoopid would go on to release 8 studio albums, in addition to live & acoustic releases while collaborating with a list of artists too many to type across most genres of the musical pool. They’re cultural phenomenons in the reggae-rock-jam-marijuana lifestyle as they began their journey in 1996 with the release of their first studio album, Slightly $toopid.

The album was produced by, you guessed it, Miguel Happoldt. Well, I wouldn’t say produced as Miguel previously corrected me: “Producing would be a real slanderous term for what I did. I set up 4 mic’s on the drums and put it on 8 track. Captured it & recorded it would be more akin to what happened. The second record, ‘Longest Barrel Ride,’ was ‘produced’ with Eddie Ashworth, the great Eddie Ashworth, who was a house engineer at this great studio called Total Access. Me and him kind of did that side by side. From that to the song ‘2am,’ they never stop impressing me!”

While the tour naturally spotlights the history shared between Stoopid and the img_5691bmembers of Perro Bravo, Fortunate Youth is a welcomed addition who are certainly no strangers to the reggae-rock community having found their own success with 3 studio albums, 3 EPs, in addition to a successful history of touring the nation establishing a dedicated following.

Long Beach’s Perro Bravo is a guitar heavy surf-rock psychedelic jam band that doesn’t shy away from incorporating elements of reggae, ska and punk. Paired with Fortunate Youth’s more stoner based reggae anthems and Slightly Stoopid’s ability to stretch the stage with their evolving ensemble and you have a night of unique artistry that is sure to be a live compliment onto each-other.

I personally hope to see a live on-stage collaboration performance of the song “The Neighbor Hoods” by Perro Bravo featuring Slightly Stoopid’s Kyle McDonald. The song can be heard from Perro Bravo’s Smoking Scorpion Tales album.

The tour will begin November 4th in Seattle, WA before concluding for a hometown show in San Diego on November 12th. There will be 7 total west coast shows inside 8 days across 3 states, 5 of which will all be in California.

Slightly Stoopid Tour Dates

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Article by: Mike Patti
Photo by: David Norris

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5 Responses to Slightly Stoopid with Perro Bravo & Fortunate Youth

  1. Dub Diezel says:

    I wish they would make it back to South Florida much sooner than later after they got rained out here about a month ago. FT and SOJA got their full sets in but not Slightly Stoopid. We got about 15-20 minutes at most. It was such a tease, but definitely not the bands fault whatsoever and they felt bad. We’ll see you again hopefully sometime soon Stoopid! \m/

  2. Brent says:

    Love Stoopid, absolutely do, but calling this a “tour” is laughable.

    • Mike Patti says:

      What’s a better word for it?

      • Brent says:

        “Slightly Stoopid presents one week of shows in California” :o)

        • Dub Diezel says:

          I agree with Mike, what’s a better word to call it? It is a tour, just one that is promptly throughout the state of Cali, but you all know as well as I do that these aren’t necessarily the only shows, and if they are for what their calling this Fall Tour (which by the way their not far from Mexico either where they finish with the Closer To The Sun shows), it won’t be long before Slightly Stoopid is back on the road for a Winter tour or Spring tour etc… I won’t even remotely bitch one bit as much as these dudes travel and tour. I get to catch them at least once or twice a year a lot more than I can say for other bands I luv and want to seem more of in concert. So to even be able to say twice in one year is awesome. They are one of the hardest working bands period. They are on the road more out of the year than at home with their families. This gives them the opportunity to still be out playing and visiting area’s of Cali they don’t always probably get out to and gives them a chance to see many friends and probably while still being homebound they are out at The Lab writing new tunes for all of us fans and hanging with their families and kids. The Pier is just giving us the news and aren’t the one’s in charge of picking Stoopid’s tour names haha. But I hear ya Brent I know what you’re saying, but hey Stoopid will be back to your town again sooner than later I’m sure. Believe me I want them to get back out to the east coast and down to Florida more than anyone haha as last time I watched them play for like 15 minutes. It was like a crappy dream. Haha here you are about to watch one of your favorite bands live on stage and then it starts and all the sudden you wake up, only we got rain and was no bad dream. S**t happens, so I have plenty of YouTube videos, live CD’s and DVD’s, as well as many albums to hold me over until they can get back here again. Stoopid likes South FLA so they were bummed this happened to their fans down here that night. I honestly could since that from the band. I don’t know we’ll just have to wait and see what their touring schedule for the new upcoming year is going to be like, but I’m sure it will be full of Slightly Stoopid shows all over the country. Take care dudes! \m/

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