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Seedless to Release The Orange Album

It has been just over 6 years since Orange County, California’s Seedless released their debut album, Twisted Roots. With a new record that has been several years in the making, the line-up that fans grew accustomed to hearing on Twisted Roots has since drastically changed for the September 30th release of The Orange Album.
As reported back in March, it was announced that original Seedless guitarist/vocalist, Casey Sullivan, along with bassist Grant Rivera, would be leaving the group. Seedless would continue on using the name while the group is now fronted by remaining vocalist, Matthew Liufau, joined by original drummer Shay Pino, Joe Bakhos on guitar and Anthony Wells on keys.

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The announcement of Casey and Grant leaving the group was a bit of a shock as fans of Seedless had been anticipating a follow up to 2010’s Twisted Roots with the much discussed release of The Orange Album. Because The Orange Album had been in production for several years, most of the songs had Casey Sullivan featured on vocals with Grant Rivera on bass. While a few of the songs on the album will include Casey, I was told that following their departure, much of the remaining songs were re-worked to accommodate their absence with Seedless moving forward.

What we do know about the new album is that it includes 11-total tracks, recorded at 17th Street Recording Studio in Costa Mesa, CA working with producer Lew Richards. There’s a special guest appearance by Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth on the track “I Want To Know.” The record will drop independently on September 30th, 2016 before rocking a hometown album release party on October 1st at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA.

Seedless will take their new live show, and album on the road through Texas with Hawaii’s Inna Vision before hitting New Mexico and Arizona to close out their month of touring in October.

You can pre-order The Orange Album on iTunes by clicking HERE!, and when you do, you’ll receive 2 free downloads that include “All You Need,” and “I Want To Know”.

Seedless – The Orange Album Track list:
img_9591-orange-album1.) All You Need
2.) I Want To Know (ft. Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth)
3.) Love Is A Drug
4.) Heart Of A Warrior
5.) The Story
6.) It’s Always Something
7.) Love Crime
8.) Where Did You Go?
9.) Let It Be
10.) Come Be Free
11.) Borrowed Time

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Article By: Mike Patti

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One Response to Seedless to Release The Orange Album

  1. Dub Diezel says:

    Yea that sucks with Casey gone, no offense to Matt as he has some good singing chops too but only so much of it I can take probably. Meaning like SA and Nick of 311, them together make their music different and unique almost perfect, meaning simply it works! I use to say that about Seedless in the beginning with thinking man these guys could get real good and The Movement, though Swain now is making it work as a single front man just fine, so maybe Matt will surprise us all too, but anyway 311. I may be able to take Nick as vocals only but could you imagine a 311 album with just SA? Sure and of course I’d still buy it haha but it would almost be too much of SA if you get what I’m saying. But just like Jordan leavn his boys in The Movement behind, what do these independent artists think is gonna happen? They’ll hit it big on their own or we’re going to start a new band and kick our old bands butt attitudes haha? I’m being silly of course and this is all mine and only my opinions anyways. Casey and Matt together singing, WORKED! Miles and Kyle (Slightly Stoopd) WORKS! When Seedless dropped “Bullet” I was so stoked, I was like yea alright now we’re getting some more rock in the “Reggae/Rock” term, with bands like 311, Sublime, Stoopid, newer-comers Wait For Green, and yes The Movement, especially with Captain Hook back. A lot of bands can just throw on a keyboard skank stand up on stage with a mic and guitar looking cool but not really be playing anything. I want to hear more rock like we get with bands such as Sublime!!!! Seedless were moving in a more progressive reggae alternative rock sound with songs such as “Bullet”. The way they incorporated the Reggae was perfect as it wasn’t overdone as well as I think the rock wasn’t overdone. I think if these guys were smart they would try and capitalize on what success they’ve found and worked together for and keep going on together under one banner “SEEDLESS” Granted with so many years gone by since their first official release, in a way it’s like they would be starting out as a new band anyway, simply because unfortunately songs like Bullet wouldn’t have been probably reggae enough for some white dread heads. The SOJA Hipsters as I call them hehe. Hey I’m Punk Rock gotta tease a lil, but all in good fun. There were talks of their new album being more rock oriented and so they may have lost fans while also gaining many more. This is why I get so upset when I can’t find new GOOD musicians to jam with, when you have bands who have got a taste of some success and see what more could come and then someone important in the band decides to quit, or gets booted! Ego’s need to be checked at the door my friends. Now I don’t know the story as to why Casey and Grant left, it could be under wonderful terms for all I know, but hey, it’s still fun to inquire about, if people even care. Nobody made me God’s gift to being an expert on music, but I have a good ear for good music, that I will be cocky with ;-) and overall I’m just sorry to hear things didn’t work out for the guys like they all may have hoped for. Also Seedless isn’t officially gone, I mean Orange Album is on it’s way finally and Matt is taking full charge with the others who stuck around and so maybe they can accomplish some great things. I only wish them all the best as it’s a tough industry to compete in out there, so much respect and props to them wanting to continue on.

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