Sunday Feb 25
Rootz Underground Tour & Release!

After providing ten years of excellence touring worldwide, Kingston’s Rootz Underground already has big plans for 2012. They will take to the road all the way from Jamaica to the western half of North America in the Spring.

They can be found hitting various reggae hotspots including Denver, Pheonix, San Diego, and other venues throughout California, Utah, British Columbia, and Washington. The tour will end with a 4/20 show in Sebastopol, CA at the Hopmonk Tavern. Check the dates below & mark your calendar for a little Rootz Underground!

Rootz Underground Tour Dates:
Mar 28 @ Cervantes Ballroom, Denver, CO.
Mar 29 @ Vail Village, Vail, CO.
Mar 30 @ The Organ Loft, Salt Lake City, UT.
Mar 31 @ The Compound Grill, Phoenix, AZ.
Apr 1 @ Saint Rocke, Hermosa Beach, CA.
Apr 3 @ WorldBeat Cultural Center, San Diego, CA.
Apr 4 @ Moes Alley, Santa Cruz, CA.
Apr 5 @ The Independent, San Francisco, CA.
Apr 6 @ Mateel Community Center, Redway, CA.
Apr 7 @ Wow Hall, Eugene, OR.
Apr 10 @ Nectar Lounge, Seattle, WA.
Apr 12 @ VENUE, Vancouver, BC.
Apr 13 @ The Queen’s, Nanaimo, BC.
Apr 14 @ Legion Hall, Tofino, BC.
Apr 20 @ Hopmonk Tavern, Sebastopol, CA.

In addition to their first tour of 2012 and as mentioned in our 2012 Most Anticipated Albums, Rootz Underground has announced a new release planned for 2012 with Solomonic Sound. The mixtape Selectors Choice Vol. 4 is expected to release in the Summer and is said to include guest appearances by a variety of artists including Capleton, Junior Vibes, and Sizzla, to name a few. There will be some 52 tracks ranging from 90s dance-hall, roots reggae, dubstep & hip hop all recorded in dub plate style specifically for the project and mixed into a DJ set but also given as single tracks.

Rootz Underground Links:
Rootz Underground Website
Rootz Underground Facebook

Article By: Matt Emodi

Here’s a preview at a new song from Rootz Underground titled “Fret Not Thyself” from their studio sessions for their 3rd full length album Return of the Righteous that’s being recorded at Rory’s Studio this past February at Rory Stonelove’s studio in uptown Kingston, Jamaica

Here’s Rootz Underground’s music video for the song Rain featured on their 2008 release

4 Responses to Rootz Underground Tour & Release!

  1. CharlesRootz says:


    Apr 22 …..Austin Reggae Festival, Austin TX
    Apr 8 …….Mt Tabor Theater, Portland OR

  2. Jillaine says:

    Last night, my baby and me attended the Rootz Underground musical event in Redway, at the Mateel. During the first song I felt amazing strength of astounding love and attention. All the men are attractive and beautiful. Steven’s voice reminded me of Bob Marley, when he sang in Jamaica to unite the two political canidates. The beautiful keyboardist flowed words of love for forests. I loved his voice and words. The beautiful guitaristplayed so extremely well. The beautiful drummer drummed so powerfully and truly. The entire band made my heart beat with indecribable passion. I loved the way the lead singer jumped and danced,chanted and sang, and roared. I loved how he came close and knelt and held the fingers of my son and smiled warmly as he sang. I loved how my baby loved the moment. I loved how the lead singer came and knelt and picked up my son and carried him to the microphone stand and sang while holding him in his arm. A drunken young woman in very little clothing was at my rig speaking loudly about how great the moment was for baby

  3. Jillaine says:

    …and I respected her, while clearly showing that was trying to absorb my baby and his first moment on stage. The moment meant, and means, so much to me. I am so grateful to have had the honor of attending such a beautiful, rebel event. Big ups to the band, the promoters, the supporters and all the lovers. Jahdonn and me love Rootz Underground with love so true.

  4. Jillaine says:

    I am extremely excited to purchase and listen to the new album. I know that Rootz Undergound is an essential piece of my soul ‘s music.

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