Wednesday Dec 13
Rootfire Mixtape 003

Rootfire is a group that creates and shares progressive roots content and puts it all on one convenient website. With the release of Rootfire Mixtape 003, Rootfire continues to live up to their mission of “positively contributing to the scene”.

In addition to mixtapes, features articles written by booking agents, managers, and publicists about their day-to-day experiences working in the music industry. Much of the content that Rootfire writes about draws from friendships between people experiencing the roots scene first-hand, which gives the information they share a personal feel.

Although few details have been released, Rootfire is also expected to debut their first vinyl compilation next month, in a joint partnership with Easy Star Records.

Rootfire Mixtape 003 has wide appeal, drawing sounds internationally and spanning over a decade’s worth of music. Reggae veterans such as John Brown’s Body can be heard next to newer artists like The Skints and Stick Figure. Other bands that are showcased include Fat Freddy’s Drop and The Black Seeds.

By including songs from established artists, as well as bands new to the scene producer Brendan Dane (more commonly know as ALIFIC) took the opportunity to share music from the progressive reggae genre’s development over the years. “My goal was to follow the Rootfire mission of spreading progressive roots music by incorporating both well-known bands and artists that many people might not be familiar with yet. I wanted to have a variety of songs in the mix that would showcase where the scene is heading, as well as where it all started from. I focused on tracks that are currently defining the scene as well as tracks from “back in the day” that helped create it.”

Dane produced the mixtape from his home recording studio in Washington, DC. Dane’s personal music outlook reflects Rootfire’s passion with his goal to “influence others to learn and use music in their everyday lives to help benefit themselves”.

Rootfire Mixtape 003 is the first in a series that Dane will be producing. Although no dates are set in stone, the second and third tapes are expected to be released later this spring. By creating a mixtape that joins several sounds and talents together, Rootfire continues to unite the roots community.

Rootfire Mixtape 003 can be found on the group’s Soundcloud page by clicking HERE

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Article By: Erin Walsh

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