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Review: Mickey Avalon – Loaded

Mickey Avalon – Loaded
Track Listing:
1.) Rock Bottom
2.) Girlfriend
3.) On The…
4.) Dance (Feat Cisco Adler)
5.) More Junk
6.) Drugs
7.) CA Crack Cocaine (Feat. Cisco Adler)
8.) Mr. Brownstone
9.) Electric Gigolo
10.) Funeral (Feat. Andre Legacy)
11.) Mickeys Girl
12.) Making Love
13.) Take Me Home
14.) Baby Doll
15.) Part In My Pants
16.) Tight Blue Jeans
17.) I’m Hot
18.) Girlfriend (Feat. Scott Russo of Unwritten Law)

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: April 24th, 2012
Record Label: Suburban Noize
Official Website: Mickey Avalon Website

Group Background:
Mickey Avalon’s life story plays out like an episode of VH1’s “Behind The Music” marred by personal tragedy, triumphs & immense pain. Using his life experiences as fuel for his intense rhymes, Mickey Avalon is now inviting listeners to step into his world of debauchery with the release of his sophmore studio album, Loaded.

Avalon has toured sold out shows alongside Red Hot Chili Peppers, Travis Barker & DJ AM, Snoop Dogg, Stephen Marley & Slightly Stoopid. The new album Loaded features guest appearances by Scott Russo of Unwritten Law on the albums lead single “Girlfriend”. Other appearances include Cisco Adler & Andre Legacy.

Album Review:
With an album titled, Loaded, I guess its no surprise that most of the songs felt like they were produced after snorting lines of cocaine before throwing back a handful of random pills to help spit the hip hop verses over. The album is full of club like beats mixed with distortion rock making way for Avalon’s nonchalant vocal delivery Loaded with self-fulfilling lyrics praising his own impression that he leaves on other drug induced party goers.

With track #3 “On The…”, Avalon confesses “Cocaine helps me face the day and then the pills wash the pain away”…I feel like that’s the best way to describe the approach of this album. Even with the addition of Scott Russo from Unwritten Law, the album lacks musicianship and general likability. A lot of the musicianship is over produced around programmed beats with sound effects & excessive use of overdubs on the vocals.

While I see it finding a niche with the avid party goers & drug users, I see it falling flat, not just in the Reggae-Rock community, but with the general audience. Sure it makes for good backdrop music in a edgy movie or TV show, but is there a song strong enough to leave a lasting impression? Probably not.

The album has 18 songs, none of them timeless as much as they are gimmicky with a shelf-life that lasts as long as the drug trip you’re on. In other words, you may out grow this album & minus the drugs, the album might appear to be obnoxious & adolescent. I just feel with an 18 track album, there was opportunity to bring a more diverse & original approach to leave an impression with.

I’m not saying, don’t do the gimmicky songs about drugs & partying, but maybe mix it up with a few songs a general audience can relate to. I suppose the overall content just lacks balance, but the album title is called Loaded, so again, what can I expect?

Some of the songs, such as “On The…”, “CA Crack Cocaine”, “Mickey’s Girl” or leading single “Girlfriend”, featuring Scott Russo, have great background music potential, but nothing memorable or timeless. I guess if you want to get partial credit & a few laughs from your friends for playing a punch-line heavy song, then you have your options with “Mr Brownstone”, “Drugs” or “Party In My Pants”.

But with 1 too many self-fulfilling punch-lines, minimal musicianship & enough drug references to catch a contact high off of, I in no way found myself connecting with the album. I walked away feeling more hungover than Loaded and I’m not saying Mickey Avalon isn’t talented, I just personally wouldn’t buy the album.

Written & Reviewed By: Mike Patti

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5 Responses to Review: Mickey Avalon – Loaded

  1. Otis says:


    “….maybe mix it up with a few songs a general audience can relate to….”?

    Are you actually implying he should “sell out”? THAT, my man, is why you’re a critic and not an artist.

    Wow. All of the journalism internships at Clear Channel must’ve been filled up by the time you submitted your app, huh?

  2. OGMP760 says:

    Sorry Otis. I just didn’t see anything artistic about what he put out. Plus i felt with 18 songs centered around one topic, it felt like a sell-out album with too much emphasis on the one topic. I’d probably be more into it if it was 10-12 tracks, but 18 songs of this didn’t leave much balance to compliment each track….I am still waiting for the Clear Channel call-back though :)….but seriously, i like you Otis cause you actually attached your actual name & email to your comment. Most just hate anonymously. Respect! -Mike Patti

  3. Otis says:

    If you’re familiar with Mickey then you know that one topic is his life. Some days for better, others for worse. But, I do believe a wise man (Mark Twain) once said “Write what you know”.

    In any medium, some artists have the ability to reflect what they see & feel so well that other people are given insight into an expression or emotion they may have otherwise not seen or may have just taken for granted.

    My firm belief is that the artists that are considered “good” are either those that 1) just happen to have the ability to identify & portray topics which are common to the largest demographic; or 2) have an unparalleled skill-set. I also believe that the ones whom are considered “great” have the rare combination of both. The rest fall somewhere in the middle because some think they’re genius while others consider them atrocious.

    I happen to fall so far outside of MA’s target market it’s insane but as far as I’m concerned there are only 2 types of music; There’s music I like & music that I don’t; and there will always be someone that disagrees.

    But, if someone is being themselves doing what they know, I don’t think they should get knocked or change their style to accomodate anyone else. Art, be it music, prose, paint, photography, or theater, is the ultimate form of anti-compromise and I can prove it:

    How many albums do you own where the artists’ work was better after their records went platinum than they were before they got there?

    How’s Nicholas Cage’s last movie? These people are humans & most of them are going to keep doing what it takes to put food on the table and gas in the Ferrari once they’ve had a taste of the good life & they start thinking about dollars rather than quality when it comes to product.

    I can think of only 2 (off of the top of my head) that clearly fall well outside that blanket categorization: Eddie Vedder (& Pearl Jam) and the Beastie Boys.

    Un-lucky me, I don’t get to write what I think for a living because I’d probably be broke but I’m not gonna knock you for doing your thing anonymously, I’m going to sign my name because a “Real gangsta ass ni**a doesn’t run his mouth b/c a real gangsta ass ni**az don’t start fights”.

    We agree to disagree on the topic but not on music. Yours was a legit response; Props back at you.

  4. John Smitty says:

    Gotta agree with the article author on this one. Rapping about shooting $300,000.00 worth of “charlie” while driving a car and getting a rim job from a transexual is not “cool”, in fact that shit is lame as shit. If you thinks that’s all profound and deep because it’s “gritty” and “real”, well, it sucks to be you and you should probably get an AIDS test.

  5. Dinah says:

    I saw Mikey Avalon last year in August with Pepper, Rebelution, and Sublime with Rome. He opened for the concert. He was soooooo fucked up and definitely on cocaine. I really couldn’t understand why he was billed on this show anyways, his music was horrible, his act was trashy, and he was extremely obnoxious. The entire audience was just as annoyed and confused as I was. His lyrics we’re really degrading and didn’t fit the mood of the concert AT All. I seriously don’t even see how anyone signed this drugged up piece of shit onto their label anyway or how he even has managed to hop on a tour with any decent band. My advice to Mikey, if this is all you can produce with your talent please just don’t. Go get some help with your coke problem and your ego.

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