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Review: Groove Stain – Out All Night

Groove Stain – Out All Night
1.) All In Your Head
2.) End of Days ft. SOJA
3.) Take your Life
4.) Out All Night
5.) Keep Us Blind
6.) Get Back
7.) Roll One ft. 4-ize
8.) Hard to Get
9.) Stay
10.) I’m Gonna Take You Home Tonight
11.) Light it Up (burn it down)
12.) No More Lines
13.) Best I Can
14.) Like We’ve Always.. Clayton Heirs

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: May 13th, 2010
Record Label: Scotch Irish Management Group

Artist Background:
East coast rude boys Eric Patterson, Mike Hatton, and Jon Etheridge formed Groove Stain in 1997 at East Coweta High School in Georgia. Only two years after releasing their first EP in the hallways of East Coweta High School did they find fame. After their first full-length album was released in 1999, they were enthusiastically working side-by-side with now platinum recording artist Ludacris. After adding reggae-enthusiast Brian Dagget as the new drummer, they released two studio albums; The other 9 To 5 and Self-Titled. In the Southeast, Groove Stain began performing with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Less than Jake, and Reel Big Fish. Prior to the release of Out All Night, they released multiple live albums.

Album Review:
With the help of Grammy award winning engineer and producer Juan Covas, Groove stain released this as their first studio album since 2007. With age comes beauty—I like to compare this album to a nice bottle of scotch, aged to the perfect balance of sour and sweet. Groove Stain’s formula of punk, reggae, and ska in Out All Night is comparable to riding a six flags roller-coaster.

Be on your guard listening to this album. If you were to start dozing off, there is a high probability of being interrupted by a change of pace similar to leaving the tranquil eye of a hurricane into madness. Many songs build up energy all the way to the chorus. During the eighth track titled Hard to Get, the electric guitar picks up the skank from four beats to strumming out eight beats per measure. So what? The difference is tremendous. At a live show, the crowd would switch from swaying with the steady beat and head-bobbing to swarming like a hive of furious honey bees. At the climax the distorted guitar riffs and smooth but sassy horns had me feeling a sense of victory; like I just got down with the finest, most popular girl in school.

The vocals all-in-all are the only imperfect characteristic of this album. True, many punk and ska artists have a more raw and straight-forward distinction, but at some points in the album, the vocals sound disconnected from the general feel of a song. However, I like how Lead Singer Eric Patterson bends and switches his notes on a dime. In End of Days, it seems as though he changes pitch every few words, leaving not a single monotone bar. In this track, Jacob Hemphill and Bobby Lee of SOJA appear. Hemphill appears right in the midst of the heavily-distorted bridge, singing his lines along to the melody created by also lead-guitarist Eric Patterson’s power chords and the foreshadowing horns of Jon Etheridge .

At other points in the album, I felt like I was listening to ska superstars Reel Big Fish. The biggest distinction is how they have decelerated from more fast-paced ska to slow bouncy, reggae skanking. Many songs really capture my attention musically such as Out All Night with the flanger effect on the guitar or All in Your Head. Roll One featuring 4-ize is an attempt at a rap/rock track—I’ll let you be the judge–just to show off the breadth of their musical scope.

What’s up next for the ska/reggae vets? Currently they are on a tour of the southeast, make sure to check their tour dates if you want to see an upbeat show! You can purchase Out All Night on Itunes or you can pick it up for FREE in the MP3 Massive section of Bring it to the next party, for it will only motivate you to rage until the wee hours of morning, with some!

Written & Reviewed by: Matt Emodi

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One Response to Review: Groove Stain – Out All Night

  1. Dub Diezel says:

    Matt, A great review my friend, couldn’t have summed it up better. I listened to it all the way through a couple of times last week at work, and you describe the songs to almost an exact especially with the almost dozing off to waking right back up haha! The rap/rock track is pretty different than what I’ve heard lately from these sorts of bands, but was cool because it wakes ya up to something different which I found entertaining. Only reading so many reviews on here has had a holt on me turing in my tunes, but I mean that in an awesome way, because it makes me work harder, especially when I review albums myself, I’m my biggest critic. Anyways that was somewhat off subject, but again great review, I agreed with it and when I placed my comment on the album, was in a bit of a rush, wanting to give the dudes props, and the track with Soja is what sold it, which was given to us by you guys way before the entire album was.Much appreciated Peace!!!!

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