Sunday Nov 19
Philly’s Reef’d Releases Debut Album!

Philadelphia-based surf, reggae rockers Reef’d have just released their debut album On Our Way, which dropped on May 20, 2014. With so many albums dropping on the west coast, this is an east coast release bringing with it some of it’s east coast influences…
Reef’d is a six piece consisting of vocals, horns, bass, guitar, percussion, drums, and keys. The boys got together after college and formed the band in 2010 releasing their debut EP Brighter Days. Their newest track “Good Vibes” features catchy horns, feel-good lyrics, a little hip-hop, a lot of reggae, and a verse from Philly’s own Kings & Comrades’ Jeff McCaughey.

The new album was produced, mixed and mastered by Brendan Joyce down in Jacksonville, Florida at Rarefaction Records but will be released independently under Reef’d Records.

The first single released for this album was called “Cruisin” which had a video accompanied by it and was shot about two years ago. Originally called “Cruisin’ Asbury,” the song was re-mastered for the release of On Our Way. That single helped garner some awareness about the band and was able to help land Reef’d gigs in and around the Philadelphia area, opening for local artists like Three Legged Fox and Mike Pinto.

When asked about the album, lead singer John Diamond said “We hope the album will give people a break from the constant house beats and terrible pop music that rules the radio. We hope the album will better people’s days.” The album art was also designed by John, which signifies the Walt Whitman Bridge (connecting Philly to New Jersey) to “any road we may follow.”

On Our Way came out May 20, 2014, so be sure to stream the track on Soundcloud or buy it at Bandcamp. The album has already hit #8 on the iTunes Reggae, but give them a listen for yourself!

Reef’d – On Our Way Tracklist:
ReefdArtwork1.) Good Vibes
2.) Cruisin’
3.) On Our Way
4.) Rochahs
5.) Jah Knows
6.) In Harmony
7.) Offshore Waves
8.) Up In Philly
9.) Angel
10.) Coastal Dreaming
11.) Think About It
12.) Give Up

Reef’d Links:
Reef’d Bandcamp
Reef’d Facebook
Reef’d Soundcloud

Article by: Andrew McClatchy

Watch: Reef’d – “Cruisin’ Asbury”

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