Tuesday Jan 16
Newly Added Topic Articles!

We have new articles with our Behind The Beat as well as our Backstage Story articles that we’ve added to the arsenal. This week, we’ve added 2 new topic articles putting our spotlight on Kingston Jamaica’s Rootz Underground & New Zealand’s The Black Seeds

Check out the latest additions to our Topic Article arsenal with articles on The Black Seeds & Rootz Underground. Click each banner below to read up & feel free to share it with your social networks…

Our Behind The Beat articles are topics relating to what takes place behind the beat of music. What goes into an album or what takes place on the things we as fans dont get to see or hear. We’re fortunate enough to be in a position to pull the curtain back on some of our favorite bands. More than just an interview, its a topic of discussion on anything Behind The Beat..

Our Backstage Story pieces are articles that include the backstage happenings of a group. As fans, we typically get to see our favorite groups on stage performing or maybe at the merch booth after a show for a Meet N Greet. But what about what takes place backstage at the show? It’s always a story and it’s become a new topic of discussion of what takes place backstage.

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