Tuesday Dec 12
MP3 Massive Update

Our MP3 Massive section is dedicated to FREE downloadable music & is updated often! This week, we’re excited with the update of NEW FREE music from Mike Pinto Band.

The MP3 Massive section can be located on the Home Page of the site on the left hand column or on the footer from any page of the site. There is now multiple pages to our MP3 Massive section, so be sure you find the other pages full of FREE downloadable music. You can enter the MP3 Massive by clicking HERE

Feel free to legally download the newest additions to the MP3 Massive with Mike Pinto Band’s live Recording of Temptation.

Mike Pinto BandTemptation (LIVE)
This was recorded on January 21st, 2011 @ DiPiazza’s in Long Beach, CA. This was one of the first shows on Mike Pinto’s Comin In From The Cold tour. The whole show was recorded & thanks to Mike Pinto, this is the only song being released thus far from the night and its exclusively free and available inside our MP3 Massive! HB Surround Sound opened the night up and their whole set is also available for FREE Download inside our MP3 MASSIVE.
Click HERE to go Download!

To read The Pier’s latest interview w/Mike Pinto, click HERE
You can read the concert article & view more pictures from the night by clicking HERE

The MP3 Massive currently has FREE music from:
HB Surround Sound
Groove Stain
A Bear w/Car on Top
Rude Waters
The Hangers
Bumpin’ Uglies
Wait For Green
The Collective
The Holdup
The Dirty Heads
Mighty High
Catfish Mustache
Coldwater Mystic
Groove Stain
The Mahalors
The Soulicitors
Stick Figure
Fiction 20 Down
The Seed
77 Jefferson
ILA Manawa
Northwest Sons
….Go enjoy some FREE music for FREE download!

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