Thursday Dec 14
MP3 Massive Update

Three solid additions to our FREE music section. We have added Philly’s very own Long Miles w/songs off their latest album, as well as Hawaii’s Jimmy Weeks Project giving away two songs off their latest EP & Colorado’s Policulture giving away their whole EP! GO DOWNLOAD…

Remember to come by here every Wednesday for new additions to the MP3 Massive Section. We have pages of FREE music available for your listening pleasure. Discover new music and share new music! You can visit our MP3 Massive section in it’s entirety by clicking HERE

PolicultureBrain Power EP

  • Policulture is a seven-piece roots reggae band from Boulder, CO. The group emanates heavy drum & bass, roots rhythm, a melodic horn section and conscious lyrics. Established in 2010 out of the University of CO, this group of musicians quickly developed their foundation & continues to grow and evolve as a band. Their message is created to enlighten you and music made to move you. With that said, all you have to do to hear this music is to…GO DOWNLOAD

  • Long MilesShades (Sampler)

  • From the suburbs of Philadelphia is the Groove-based Rock, Reggae, Jam band, Long Miles, with sounds infecting the East Coast & beyond. They’ve released 2 albums and an EP since 2009, working with such producers as Chris DiBeneditto & Rick Beato. In the spring of 2014 they will be releasing a new album, recorded with Chris DiBeneditto (Slightly Stoopid, G. Love, The Movement). As a treat, Long Miles is giving away 3 songs from their latest album Long Miles for FREE. All you have to do is…GO DOWNLOAD

  • Jimmy Weeks Project2 Singles

  • From the pristine shorelines & lush green valleys of the eastside of O’ahu, hails The Jimmy Weeks Project. The Hawaiian based reggae group are a wild bunch of country boys that have created a blend of smooth yet high energy reggae to an original sound that is all their own. Young & individually accomplished artists in their own right, the group has come together in recent years to perform for thousands at underground events and packed houses at local clubs. The band has just released their first studio EP entitled “The Jimmy Weeks Project” & you can download a couple of songs for FREE. All you gotta do is …GO DOWNLOAD

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