Friday Dec 15
MP3 Massive Update

So we’ve thoroughly cleaned up our MP3 Massive section. Since that clean up, we’re proud to announce the newest addition of Passafire and Hor!zen. Passafire is contributing one of their Remixed songs while Hor!zen has a Live & Unplugged EP and it’s all for FREE! Read on…

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Hor!zenWest End Live [Unplugged]

  • Straight out of the dirty south comes the band HOR!ZEN. The band has been on the scene putting in work for a minute now. They have toured all over the mainland and have shared the stage with countless acts. What sets Hor!zen apart from the rest is their Southern style. Formed by brothers Zech and Nash, whose roots branch from the Island Kingdom Of Tonga, the band has been a way to stay out of jail and off the streets. Bassist Jake Best and saxophonist Mike Cunningham help round out the Hor!zen lineup. Their songs reflect life coming up in the game on South O.B.T. Hor!zen is about to cause mass hysteria with their new album “Eviction Notice” due to drop November 21, 2012, recorded by up & coming producer/engineer duo Adam Sliger and David Whitmore. The band has released two other albums “Past Due” & “Bottom Out” with producer J-Wiz helping to mold their sound….GO DOWNLOAD

  • Passafire“Train Wreck” (Cousin Dan Remix)

  • Passafire formed nearly 10 years ago in Savannah, GA. The current line-up, including front man Ted Bowne, bassist Will Kubley, drummer Nick Kubley and keys maestro Mike DeGuzman, came together in 2011 to create “Start From Scratch”—the band’s fourth studio album. The appropriately titled album established a fresh direction for the band, as the addition of DeGuzman, balanced organic and synthesized sounds, a new record label and working with Producer Paul Leary, all came together to create one of the best albums in 2011. As a tribute to that release, Passafire released Remixed From Scratch, that includes 22 remixed tracks from various artists laying down their renditions of Passafire’s music. Passafire has agreed to share the Cousin Dan remix for “Train Wreck”…..GO DOWNLOAD

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