Saturday Dec 16
MP3 Massive Update

I suppose you can call this the Cheezy & The Crackers Massive Update. Not just because they’re giving us 2 brand new songs for FREE download, but because they already have 3 FREE songs in our MP3 Massive…

Feel free to legally download the newest addition to the MP3 Massive by Cheezy & The Crackers. Its 2 new songs, but we also provided a link to download an additional 3 songs from the album sampler they have on our Massive. Check it out below, it’s Reggae-Hip Hop!

Cheezy & The Crackers2 Singles

  • Cheezy and the Crackers is a Reggae/Hip-Hop influenced Rock group based in New Jersey. In 2007 the band started out playing at local bars and clubs. During these shows they would showcase their original material which created a steadily growing following and fan base in Southern NJ. The band recorded their debut album “Don’t Talk About It, Be About It..”, which released in April 2011. Selling over 1,000 copies in 6 months, lead singer Cheezy McNasty, with the help of the Crackers, released the material that they complied while recording Don’t Talk About It…, titled “Cheezy McNasty for Mayor” in December 2011.

    Armed with an arsenal of punk rock, reggae, and hip-hop influenced party tunes, Cheezy and the Crackers are broadening their horizons by playing many types of shows, festivals, and private parties throughout the Northeast, as well as up and down the east coast….GO DOWNLOAD

  • Cheezy & The CrackersAlbum Sampler

  • Here’s 3 additional songs for FREE from Cheezy & The Crackers. That gives you 5 songs. Enough to determine whether you’d like to purchase their full album thats available for $1.00 on Bandcamp HERE. Otherwise, enjoy the FREE songs and remain grateful for FREE music. Cheers!…GO DOWNLOAD

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