Wednesday Dec 13
MP3 Massive Update!

Before we say goodbye to 2011, we have just a few more additions to the MP3 Massive to help ring in the new year. It includes a 4 track EP by All Good Feel Good Collective along with a G. Love remix courtesy of Johnny Cosmic and a fresh new single courtesy of Rivery Jetty

Feel free to legally download the newest addition to the MP3 Massive by River Jetty, Johnny Cosmic and All Good Feel Good Collective. Enjoy the FREE songs & stop by here every Wednesday for an update to our MP3 Massive section.

River JettyBuffalo Bean

  • From Southern CA emerges River Jetty who produce music known to the group as SouldRockDub Grooves. All songs are positive, featuring a Motown-esque, multi-harmonized vocals sung over heavy, ‘subbed out’ rhythms. With the support of Long Beach Records, the group is currently boasting their new release The If It’s Meant to Be EP and the group currently features Ian of The B Foundation on Drums. Download a song of theirs for FREE…GO DOWNLOAD

  • Johnny CosmicGimme Some Lovin’ (G. Love Cover)

  • “Recently I starting learning the song “Amazing” by G Love. (It’s the secret song on Philadelphonic, sick track). While chopping up the song to make a version for myself that was only the secret track, I noticed that the Gimmie Some Lovin’ vocals were panned hard left and would be ripe for making into a remix. Scanned my files and found that I had started getting Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” chopped up and ready a few months before. With a little voodoo, I was able to make the chord changes of the Brown Eyed Girl samples fit the vocal melody and the union of the 2 songs really blew me away. I hope you enjoy my re-imagining of the songs”-J0hnnyGO DOWNLOAD

  • All Good Feel Good CollectiveRules EP

  • The All Good::Feel Good Collective, is a 7piece reggae/ska band hailing from Dover, NH. They have just released an EP “Rules of Revolution” and have landed gigs opening for bands such as Roots of Creation, and will be opening for the legendary Toasters in Feb. Their horn section also plays with Roots of Creation and they are sharing their 4 track EP for FREE download…GO DOWNLOAD

  • Where is the MP3 Massive Located?
    The MP3 Massive section can be located on the Home Page of the site on the left hand column or on the footer from any page of the site. There is now multiple pages to our MP3 Massive section, so be sure you find the other pages full of FREE download-able music. You can enter the MP3 Massive by clicking HERE….Go enjoy some FREE music for FREE download!

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