Monday Oct 23
MP3 Massive Update!

We have some FREE Music to share with you on this Wednesday afternoon. This week’s MP3 Massive update includes a 5 song self-titled EP from D.C’s Dub City Renegades. FREE Music always helps us get over the hump of the week…

Feel free to legally download the newest addition to the MP3 Massive by Dub City Renegades. Enjoy the FREE songs & stop by here every Wednesday for an update to our MP3 Massive section.

Dub City RenegadesSelf Titled

  • Dub City Renegades is a seven piece reggae band based out of the DC area. Their unique mix of traditional roots elements fused with a contemporary vibe gives their music a fresh and unique sound. United in values of respect, friendship, and their love of music, Dub City create jams that soothe the soul, make you want to move your feet, and create a soundtrack for the journey we are all on.

    The band was established in late 2008 and has spent the last three years working on their sound, adding in different pieces, and refining their sound. On October 4th, 2011 the band debuted its first self-titled EP; five tracks considered Dub City staples that old fans will instantly recognize and new fans will love. This sample of what DCR is all about will continue to evolve and expand over the next year as the band and other producers continue to expand the release with dubs of the original material…GO DOWNLOAD

  • Where is the MP3 Massive Located?
    The MP3 Massive section can be located on the Home Page of the site on the left hand column or on the footer from any page of the site. There is now multiple pages to our MP3 Massive section, so be sure you find the other pages full of FREE download-able music. You can enter the MP3 Massive by clicking HERE….Go enjoy some FREE music for FREE download!

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    1. BIG UPS to!! Keep doing Jah’s work and spreading positive music all over the world! BOOM BLAZE!

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