Friday Nov 17
MP3 Massive Update

Hope everyone is up for some acoustic themed reggae. We have 2 great updates to our FREE MP3 Massive section with the addition of Ethan Tucker and Austin Pidgeon. Always a pleasure to be able to share great music. Lets enjoy it…

Feel free to legally download the newest additions to the MP3 Massive by Ethan Tucker & Austin Pidgeon! Stop by here every Wednesday for an update to our MP3 Massive section. Click HERE to go to the MP3 Massive Section!

Ethan TuckerWhat They Say

  • Ethan Tucker may only be in his early 20s, but he has already made a big name for himself in musical circles throughout the U.S. The Olympia, Washington-born singer-songwriter has been performing regularly since the age of 16 at various venues and festivals throughout the Northwest and various other parts of the U.S. as well as Montego Bay, Jamaica. Although primarily a solo artist Tucker has also performed with his band The Grassroots All-Stars (currently on hiatus), which he founded in 2008 in Twin Falls, ID where he lived until returning to Washington in early 2011. His new album “Lost Between,” was released in November of 2010. “Lost Between” is his first official album release since his self released CD “Take Me to the Mountains” which he released at the age of seventeen. Ethan’s newest single “All I Need” is available iTunes starting September 13, 2011…..

  • Austin PidgeonWhat I Find

  • Stemming from acoustic roots as a singer/songwriter out of Arizona, Austin Pidgeon has recently collaborated with three Bay Area musicians to produce an Alternative/Reggae act fresh to the California reggae scene. Pidgeon released his first acoustic EP, *The Early Sessions EP*, in 2010 under Inspired Recordings LLC, and is currently working on his second album with producer Jason Root (President/CEO of Inspired Recordings, A&R Production at Sony Music) under the same label.

    “What I Find,” the first single off Pidgeon’s new EP, displays his positive lyrics of appreciating the moment and the easy melodies of his unique sound. Look for the release of Pidgeon’s new album at the end of the year. Enjoy!….

  • Where is the MP3 Massive Located?
    The MP3 Massive section can be located on the Home Page of the site on the left hand column or on the footer from any page of the site. There is now multiple pages to our MP3 Massive section, so be sure you find the other pages full of FREE download-able music. You can enter the MP3 Massive by clicking HERE

    The MP3 Massive currently has multiple pages of FREE music from:
    Stuck Dickens
    SlaughterHouse Rootz
    Hazmat Bay
    The Alchemystics
    Common Ground
    Sand Section
    Jet West
    Cheezy & The Crackers
    Fear Nuttin Band
    Nada Rasta
    Soul Rebel Project
    Phat Reggae Dub
    Mike Pinto
    HB Surround Sound
    Groove Stain
    A Bear w/Car on Top
    Rude Waters
    The Hangers
    Bumpin’ Uglies
    Wait For Green
    The Collective
    The Holdup
    The Dirty Heads
    Mighty High
    Catfish Mustache
    Coldwater Mystic
    Groove Stain
    The Mahalors
    The Soulicitors
    Stick Figure
    Fiction 20 Down
    The Seed
    77 Jefferson
    ILA Manawa
    ….Go enjoy some FREE music for FREE download!

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