Wednesday Nov 22
MP3 Massive Update!

Our MP3 Massive section is dedicated to FREE downloadable music & is updated often! This week, we’re excited with the update of NEW FREE music from ROTA & Roots of a Rebelion.

The MP3 Massive section can be located on the Home Page of the site on the left hand column or on the footer from any page of the site. There is now multiple pages to our MP3 Massive section, so be sure you find the other pages full of FREE downloadable music. You can enter the MP3 Massive by clicking HERE

Feel free to legally download the newest additions to the MP3 Massive with ROTA & Roots of a Rebelion.

ROTA3 Singles
Hailing out of St. Louis MO, Rota was formed in 2009 by drummer Tony Barcinas, guitarsit/vocalist Adam Belko and bassist Jeff Hanewinkel. With influences ranging from reggae and rock, Rota has shared the stage with such acts as Passafire, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Rehab, Mike Pinto, and more. Smooth and melodic, their sound appeals to many ages and genres. Rota’s first album, recorded and produced independently, is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2011.
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Roots of a RebellionThe Giving Tree
Formed in the old home of Hank Williams Senior, Roots of a Rebellion have crafted their soulful reggae sound to reflect their own humble and carefree lifestyle. Emerging from Nashville, ROAR offers a new sound to a city where country music reins king. Whether it’s a soulful organ groove or an air bending guitar solo, ROAR always finds a way to connect its message to its audience. Their positive vibe can be felt through everyone attending a ROAR show. Roots of a Rebellion is quickly becoming the south’s up and coming reggae band.
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….Go enjoy some FREE music for FREE download!

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