Sunday Nov 19
Lance Sitton & The Seed New Album!

Lance Sitton and Roots/Reggae fusion band The Seed recently announced the drop of their new album “Spread the Word” for an April 22nd release. The record also contains appearances from Josh Heinrichs, Cas Haley, and Skillinjah, who came out with his own album “Reality” in late January.

The acoustic version of “Good Love,” a track off the new album which features Heinrichs and Skillinjah. The song is currently available on Youtube for your viewing pleasure so make sure you check it out. The record is produced by GanJah Records, the record label that Heinrichs and family started back in 2001.

When Josh Heinrichs was asked about the new album, he said, “Lance Sitton & The Seed are an incredible band & have been a part of my hometown (Springfield, Missouri) reggae scene for many years and being a fan of their music it only seemed right for my record label, GanJah Records to help our homies reach the wider audience they deserve. I’m extremely excited & honored to partner with them for their 3rd album release!”

In addition to the drop of their new album, The Seed will be playing a show on April 20th with Josh Heinrichs, Skillinjah, 77 Jefferson, and Junior Marvin of The Wailers in Springfield, MO! With a stacked line up like that, it is gearing up to be a must see show. They will also be giving an acoustic-style preview of some of the tracks off the new album at the Parlor 88 Lounge in Springfield, on April 14th.

If all that were not enough, they are giving their second album “A Better Way” away for free in order to promote “Spread the Word.” That’s right, for FREE by clicking HERE.

So download it while you can, and look out for The Seed’s new album “Spread the Word” on April 22nd!

Article By: Jason Gallagher

Lance Sitton & Skillinjah “Good Love” Acoustic

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