Saturday Feb 24
Jordan Miller & The Executives

Following his departure from The Movement last year, singer/guitarist Jordan Miller, is back promoting his latest solo EP as well as his new group, The Executives. The Pier had time to catch up with Jordan to get the update & hear more about his new group…

It’s been almost a year since Jordan Miller told his former band members in The Movement that he wanted to part ways, hours before their 4/20 show in Spartanburg S.C. In the year that’s passed, his former band mates in The Movement have moved on with their own endeavors, recording music out in CA. Meanwhile, Jordan Miller has been staying active in music with his new band The Executives & released his solo EP titled Public Consumption back in December.

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Even while in The Movement, this was Jordan’s side project. The Executives have actually been jamming off and on since 2008. The group consists of Britt Barker on Bass, Drew Corontzes on Drums & Jordan Miller on Guitar/Vocals.

“We started out jamming a few years back in Clemson, SC with the 3 of us and also Johnny ‘Keys’ Bowling (former keyboardist for The Movement),” shares Miller. “When I decided to split, Britt, Drew, and myself thought we should fire the group back up and give it a real shot.”

Jordan describes his solo EP, Public Consumption, as the blueprint for the future sound of The Executives. It’s more of a pop direction with catchy love songs, but still includes the familiar sound & style long time fans of The Movement are familiar with hearing from Jordan.

“I recorded Public Consumption with Rick Beato in Atlanta, GA. He’s the same producer who produced The Movement’s ‘One More Night’ record….Drew Corontzes played drums and I was trying to play everything else, which was different for me and a rewarding challenge because I love this record,” shares Miller.

Miller describes new bassist Britt Barker as “one monster of a beat maker’ and expects some serious hip hop influence on future tracks. They’re in the process of writing new songs for a full length album, but no release date is imminent.

Check out the links & media below to find out more about The Executives and pick up Jordan Miller’s solo EP titled Public Consumption via CDbaby. We’ll have more updates on The Executives, as soon as they’re made available to us!

Jordan Miller – Public Consumption EP
1.) Getaway
2.) Elixir
3.) Red Rubberband
4.) All I Need
5.) Over Again
6.) Just Call me

Jordan Miller / The Executives Links:
Jordan Miller’s Website
Jordan Miller’s Twitter
The Executives Facebook

Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Jordan Miller via his Socialcam app on iPhone performing his single “All I Need” Acoustic

10 Responses to Jordan Miller & The Executives

  1. Justin says:

    Great news! Looking forward to the new music!

  2. Skeptic says:

    It sounds like 2 steps backwards to me… I like pop music as well as reggae, but this EP sounds like vanilla ice cream in every way to me…Vanilla lyrics, vanilla chord progressions, vanilla song structure, vanilla musicianship, vanilla talent. I would not even pay a $3 cover to see The Executives, yet. Though, I would still pay $20 a ticket to see the MVMNT with or without Jordan… Just my $.02

    • Dub Diezel says:

      I have to agree. I wonder if he is wishing he was back with The Movement. Their still going somewhere, only up if you ask me, especially with this latest release “Golden”. For what Jordan is capable of, I can’t believe he would even want to put his name out on this stuff. Stick to “Green Girl” Jordan.

      • Dub Diezel says:

        Also I wonder if this is the last we’ll hear about Jordan and his band The Executives, becuae this isn’t remotely evdn reggae nor rock. This is a website that features those styles of music. I only see The Pier giving this shout out because of Jordan and what he did with The Movement. Why not continue to give it a real shot with The Movement still, instead of starting all over again and making corny ass pop music giving it a shot with two new unheard of musicians. No offense to those dudes but just saying, na this isn’t working for you Jordan, na dude, no way.

  3. jim says:

    It sounds like a cheesy pop record that we all heard thousands of times before. Just turn on top 40 radio and you will hear this sound over and over again. The movement is my favorite band, i wouldnt even by this cd for a measly 5 bucks. Carson daily called he said trl ended 15 yrs ago.

  4. Mike says:

    I think this record is awesome! Cant wait to hear more!!! Catchy shit. Red Rubberband is sick!!

  5. More Irie than you says:

    Sound great!

    Not for everyone, but that makes me like it even more!

  6. Matt says:

    I saw them live a few times in the past couple of months.. I was impressed not only with Jordan and Johnny keys, but with britt and drew as well, really good drummer and bassist.. Great energy, just like with the movement, and the music is incredible.. Can’t wait to see them again

  7. Mastermind says:

    Love the new sound. It’s even better live! Totally didn’t expect the energy. It was like dubstep reggae hiphop trance. Can’t wait for the new album/sound.

  8. Jason Schmidt says:

    It would seem this experiment failed pretty quickly the link to Jordan’s twitter is suspended and the executives facebook doesn’t exist. The link to Jordan’s website is for his rap album where they are saying they want to play churches and birthday parties. That’s a far drop from headlining major festivals.

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