Thursday Nov 23
JBB: Saturday, September 19, Bellvue, CO

By Mike Keenan

Pics by Chris Gee

We’ve been hearing about Mishawaka from locals for years. It’s an outdoor venue in the hills surrounding Fort Collins. It is decidedly not a mini Red Rocks (as we had heard) but is a very cool place to play. There is a beautiful river full of trout about 30′ from the stage. When we arrived people were fly-fishing along the banks. They’d fish for a bit, walk over to the bar, grab a pint of Fat Tire and then head back to the river. My kind of place.

When the sun went down the cool mountain air felt great. There was a 5-camera film crew on hand so with any luck there will someday be a JBB/Black Seeds DVD available. Film crews can sometimes be mentally intimidating. I think I made a million tiny mistakes, but didn’t let it shake me because I felt like the collective vibe was on. I hope I’m right. We’ll see.

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