Wednesday Feb 21
Happy Birthday Bradley Nowell!

Today, Sublime’s front man Bradley Nowell, would have been celebrating 44 years young as he was born on February 22nd, 1968. Before his passing on May 25 1996, Bradley Nowell & his group, Sublime, built a genre of timeless music that continues to uplift, inspire & change lives to this day.

16 years after his passing, no one can put a specific label on their music! Is it Ska? is it Punk Rock? Reggae? If you asked Bradley Nowell, he’d just tell you “Good Music Is Good Music & That Should Be Enough For Anyone”

While Bradley Nowell may no longer be with us in a physical presence, his voice, his music and words are played everyday and in celebration of his life, we want to take time out and extend a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one and only Bradley Nowell.

Press Play on the video, turn it up and sign it out loud for Mr. Bradley Nowell!

Sublime – Badfish Official Music Video

2 Responses to Happy Birthday Bradley Nowell!

  1. Dub Diezel says:

    Who inspired me and got me playing multiple styles on the guitar as a kid in the first place and educating me more about different genres of music in one fusion, A true ICON and Guitar Hero R.I.P. Bradley. It amazes me how I am 30 and I still listen to all of your material and it still never gets old and also you would be 44 today and how it drives me insane wondering what more great tunes we may have got from you brother, but God Bless as I know your singing up there in the heavens to all of your fans that are up there with you, as we will hopefully get to see you play live again one day in the after life! Bless!

  2. cy131 says:

    Bradley was one of kind. I pure genius if you ask me.
    Sh!t, my kids are even singing the music and my son always asks if that’s Bradley singing. Glad I got to see them play twice in my life. Those are moments that opened my soul to many styles of music. I’ve never ever been stuck on a band, a guy for so many years and I still can’t shake it, nor do I want to. It’s music you just can’t ever get sick of. Bradley, you are missed bro!
    May you rest in piece!

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