Tuesday Dec 12
Exposed: Xaltation

Xaltation – In the End

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Hailing from Miami, Florida, Xaltation has developed into the front runner for Rock and Reggae in the very talented Orlando music scene. Originally formed in 2008, as a solo project of Jason Bloom, Xaltation has since added Gabriel Anderson (Drums) and Josh Jacobson (Bass) while residing in the University of Central Florida area. With the live act set, Xaltation’s future seems full of endless possibilities. The relaxed style, conscious lyrics and catchy rhythms leave listeners in awe as they enjoy a truly one of a kind sound that Xaltation has brought to this world.

Throughout 2009-10, Xaltation will be extremely busy recording new songs in the studio and playing local shows to maintain the momentum it has built. “We have our debut album titled “Open Up” set to be released as early as July. Right now were playing live and soaking in all the fun that comes with it. We have some pretty big shows planned in the near future,” says Bloom.

To find out more information about Xaltation, CLICK HERE to check out the band’s MySpace page.

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